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Hokuriku Region

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The beautiful and coastal Hokuriku region is a can’t-miss area for anyone looking to experience Japan’s nature, tradition and culture outside of the typical locations. Whether it’s the coastal western seaside or the mountains of the east, Hokuriku is the spot for nature lovers in Japan.
Travel to Hokuriku with safety and security, which can be enjoyed only by car.
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Map of the Hokuriku region of Japan

The West Side

The west side of Hokuriku follows seaside roads down the coast. For those who are the type who like to get their feet wet, there are countless experiences like the Chirihama Nagisa Driveway. For those who would rather take in the scenery from a comfortable distance, there is the Omaki Onsen surrounded by nature.

Map showing the west side of the Hokuriku region
  1. Noto Airport
  2. 1Chirihama Nagisa Driveway
  3. 2Omicho Market
  4. 3Old Town and Kanazawa Castle Park
  5. 4Daihonzan
    Eihei-ji Temple
  6. 5Ono Castle
  7. 6Ichijo Falls
  8. 7Tojinbo
  9. 8Big Truck Komatsu-no-Mori
  10. Komatsu Airport

The East Side

Diverging from the ocean down through the mountains, rivers, and forest areas of Hokuriku, the east side is a nature lover’s paradise. The mountain roads offer a gorgeous driving experience to places like Ono Castle with countless cultural locations to stop along the way such as Takaoka’s tin town.

Map showing the east side of the Hokuriku region
  1. Toyama Airport
  2. 1Toyama Glass Art Museum
  3. 2Toyama Castle
  4. 3Big Buddha Takaoka Daibutsu
  5. 4Omaki Onsen Kanko Ryokan
  6. 5Gokayama Village
  7. 6Hida Takayama Old Town
  8. 7Takaoka's Tin Town

Other Must-see Spots

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How to Get There

Taking a plane is an easy and convenient way to vacation in Hokuriku. Start your road trip with a quick trip to the car rental counters located in the airport.

Domestic Flights
Haneda toNoto
Approx. 60mins
Haneda toKomatsu
Approx. 60mins
Haneda toToyama
Approx. 60mins

Flight information to Hokuriku region

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