Group Tour Customers including special support education schools

Please feel free to inform us what type of assistance you require. For groups of more than 10 passengers who need assistance, please contact ANA Disability Desk.
We may need to make some arrangements in advance for staffing or to reserve enough rooms in cargo space to store the checked wheelchairs in accordance with the number and their sizes.
We also ask your understanding that those passengers who needs assistance and travel with their escort/care attendant, company may take some time to check in for seat adjustments.
Please contact us in advance to inform us your needs for your convenience.




If you need assistance, please feel free to inform us when making your reservation how we may assist you.
When you make a reservation, please inform us what type of assistance you require.

The following customers are kindly asked to contact ANA Disability Desk prior to travel for special assistance.

  • ■Customers requiring an Oxygen Cylinder and/or Portable Oxygen Concentrator (POC) on board. (The customer must have a signed medical certificate (MEDIF) by doctor verifying that he/she is fit to fly)
  • ■Customers requiring other medical devices on board.
  • ■Customers requiring a Stretcher
  • ■Customers requiring an Incubator
  • ■Customers who may need other kind of special medical treatments on board
  • ■Group tour customers including more than 10 people who require special assistance

For customers with the following, please click the link below:


At the Airport

Please come to the airport with plenty of time to spare. It may take some time to proceed your check in especially when there are many customers who need assistance. We kindly ask for your understanding to come to the check in counter no later than the time you have been informed of.

Please let us know how we may assist you at check in counter (or group counter)

Priority boarding is available for customers who need extra time for boarding. Please feel free to inform us at the check-in counter or at the gate.

When processing check in, we will ask the representative of the group or tour guide to confirm the following information:

  • ■Any change in boarding passengers, age, or number of passengers.
  • ■Any accompanied infants
  • ■The checked luggages
  • ■The seat number of the customers who need assistance and their escorts.
  • ■Boarding time and procedure.
  • ■The battery size of electric wheel chairs and medical equipment and the kind of assistance required.

Necessary assistance will be passed along to the arrival airport.

We ask your kind understanding that it may take some time to proceed your check in when there are many customers who need assistance or if any changes in the prior information.

Each passenger is required to check their own luggage.

Going to the Gate

Each person will be required to go through the security check. It may take some time so please come in advance.
Please use the restrooms prior to boarding. Ask the airport staff for locations of wheelchair accessible lavatory.

At the Gate

Please come to the gate by the boarding time. We may ask you to come early if your wheelchair will be checked-in at the boarding gate.
Priority boarding is available for customers needing special assistance.

On Board

Please inform a cabin crew how we may assist you.


Customers who requested special assistance when deplaning, please remain seated until the staff arrive to escort them off the plane.

The staff will take you to the arrival lobbies and your pick-up. Please feel free to ask.