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    Fruit experiences Fruit experiences

    Fruits of every season and
    abundant nature await you

    The transitions of Japan's four seasons are optimal for nurturing a variety of fruits. High-quality fruits are produced in the country's rich climate through the dedicated farmers' advanced techniques and commitment to food safety and delicious taste. They are also popular as gifts. Fruit-producing regions often have orchards that welcome visitors for fruit pickings, offering a variety of nature activities unique to each area. Venture on a one-of-a-kind trip to enjoy Japan's lush seasonal fruits and great outdoors.

    Fruit Experiences

    Rejoice in spring budburst Indulge in the sweet taste of
    strawberries in Saga, Kyushu, the
    birthplace of the famous varieties,
    and celebrate the arrival of spring

    After the harsh cold winter awaits spring, the season of blooming flowers and verdant fresh greenery. It is also the time when strawberries and other vividly colored fruits ripen. Saga Prefecture in springtime, when cherry blossoms bloom and green tea sprouts shine, is a perfect location to indulge in the fresh, sweet taste of strawberries.

    Model Course:
    Saga Airport



    Three-day tour by car

    day 1

    Pick the delicious and
    ever-evolving strawberries

    Taste various high-quality Japanese strawberry varieties created through selective breeding

    Savor all the different varieties of strawberries grown with organic fertilizers, from the sweetest ones, to the most fragrant ones at an all-you-can-eat strawberry picking.

    Children and adults alike can enjoy freshly picked strawberries in a greenhouse without having to worry about the weather. The strawberries also offer a perfect background for taking photographs.

    Yoshino berry

    Soar through the air like a bird!

    Experience the thrill of sliding down the mountains from a height of 40 meters above the ground with a zip line.

    Forest Adventure


    Immerse yourself in nature at a traditional hot spring inn

    The room's terrace has a tent so you can immerse in nature amid the mountains and the calming sound of the river while enjoying the comforts of the inn.

    (Furuyu Onsen oncri)
    oncri Sono Terrace

    day 2

    Indulge in the beauty of
    2,000 cherry trees in full
    bloom on a spring evening

    Marvel at the luxurious strawberry parfait

    The 25-centimeter-tall giant parfait is made using locally grown strawberries. It's not just delicious but also photogenic.

    cafe+bar Diro

    Dress up as a ninja and hone your skills

    The ninja-themed park lets you learn skills such as throwing "shuriken (ninja stars) " and blowing "fukiya (darts) " dressed in ninja costumes. There are also acrobatic ninja performances on the streets.

    Ninja Village Hizen Yumekaido

    Stroll under the cherry trees in full bloom in the illuminated garden

    Ever since opening in 1845, the garden has provided a spectacular view of 2,000 cherry blossoms. Lit up at night, the garden tinted in pink combined with the bare-rock face of the mountain creates a magical setting.

    Guests can freely visit the garden directly from their rooms, allowing them to enjoy the special scenery anytime they like. Indulge in a blissful time with an expansive view of the garden at the hotel guests-only bar.

    Onyado Chikurintei

    day 3

    Be enchanted by the spring
    of Japan at tea fields and
    cherry blossom viewing spots

    Sip Japanese tea amid the tea fields cloaked in fresh greenery

    Savor the supreme Japanese tea in a tearoom set on an elevated platform among the lush tea fields.

    Tea tourism Chatou

    Pass through the beautiful pink shades of cherry blossom tunnel

    The temple's approach is known for the splendor of its 100 cherry trees in bloom that form a stunning flower tunnel.

    Ennoji Temple's passage

    Photogenic parfaits made with seasonal fruits

    Choose your favorite parfait from over 100 varieties decorated with seasonal fruits such as strawberries and white peaches.

    Cafe de Blue

    Other fruit activities
    to enjoy in spring

    • strawberry

      Asuka Ruby strawberry

      Asuka Ruby, a variety of strawberries characterized by its exquisite balance between sweet and tart, is known as the "phantom strawberry" rarely found outside of Nara Prefecture.

      Nearby spots

      Nara Park

      Immerse in the park's wide variety of cherry trees and meet roaming wild deer. Outside the park are such historic monuments as Todai-ji temple designated as a UNESCO World Heritage Site.

      Nearby Airports
    • Biwa (loquat)

      Boso no Kura: Ohyakusho Ichiba

      From May to June, enjoy picking "Boshu biwa (loquat)," an early summer fruit offered as a gift to the imperial family, at the roadside station specializing in local souvenirs and produce in Chiba Prefecture.

      Nearby spots

      Mother Farm

      Visitors can interact with the animals living on the vast grounds. Glamping facilities are also available for overnight stays.

      Nearby Airports
    Fruit Experiences

    Summer, a season full of life and energy Quench your thirst with fresh
    melons from Hokkaido,
    a treasure trove of great food

    Summer in Japan is vibrant and full of life, bringing a windfall of peak-season fruits. Among them, fresh melons are the perfect treat. Summer is one of the most pleasant times to visit Hokkaido, so why not embark on a culinary journey through Hokkaido and taste the highly sought-after Yubari Melon?

    Model Course:
    New Chitose airport



    Three-day tour by car

    day 1

    Immerse yourself in the dynamic
    nature of Hokkaido and
    eplenish your body and soul

    Feel a sense of floating in the sky while walking among the trees

    Enjoy outdoor activities set in the vast nature, such as tree trekking. It offers a spectacular aerial forest experience as if you are floating in the sky.

    Jozankei Farm

    Healing experience at Japan's first facility where you can spend the night with animals

    Offering a unique glamping experience, the facility lets you stay a night with zoo animals and have a relaxing time with your favorite animals.

    North Safari Sapporo

    day 2

    A luxury melon renowned for its
    highly fragrant orange flesh
    and sweet succulent taste

    Yubari Melon label is the proof of the very best melon that have passed strict quality inspections

    Savor the well-known Yubari Melon as much as you can. The rich aroma and vibrant orange flesh with its melting texture and exceptional sweetness will surely make you smile.

    Yubari Melon Resthouse Natsuzora

    Experience the ultimate luxury of Hokkaido at Japan's most prestigious hotel chain

    The luxury hotel offers several activities in its vast farm area. All rooms come with an observation jet bath and private sauna that let you unwind and relax comfortably.

    Hoshino Resorts
    Risonare Tomamu

    day 3

    Immerse yourself in lavender
    fields and lovely sweets
    unique to Hokkaido

    Like a walk above the clouds

    Take a gondola to the terrace with a stunning view at an altitude of 1,088 meters. View the dynamic sea of clouds up close and experience what it's like to "walk above the clouds."

    Hoshino Resorts Tomamu
    Unkai Terrace

    A purple carpet of lavenders in full bloom

    The beautiful hills carpeted in purple lavenders are a must-see. The hills of Irodori Field, featuring seven hues of different flowers and idyllic landscapes, serve as the backdrop to the beautiful farm.

    Also, be sure not to miss lavender-themed menus such as colorful drinks and subtly flavored lavender ice cream.

    Farm Tomita

    Luxurious sweet that lets you taste two famous local delicacies

    The iconic "Santa's Beard" is a photogenic dessert with a huge half-cut melon topped with soft-serve ice cream.

    Popura Farm

    Learn the natural behaviors of animals

    The zoological garden has gained popularity for its innovative enclosures designed to showcase the natural behaviors of the animals. In summer, you can encounter orangutans walking on a rope line.

    Asahiyama Zoo, Asahikawa City

    Other fruit activities
    to enjoy in summer

    • Peach

      (Hotel Granvia Okayama)

      Limited to the summer season, the shop offers a luxurious parfait that generously uses a whole white peach produced in Okayama Prefecture.

      Nearby spots

      art work of uno

      The islands in the Seto Inland Sea are adorned with modern art work in harmony with nature. The calm sea and islands together create a serene scenery.

      Nearby Airports
    • Cherry

      (Suzuki Cherry Orchard)

      Go for picking cherries grown with a unique cultivation method that uses organic acid from plants and organic fertilizers. You can also enjoy tasting different varieties.

      Nearby spots

      Kamo Aquarium

      Known for its largest collection of jellyfish in the world, the aquarium displays about 80 species floating about dreamily.

      Nearby Airports
    Fruit Experiences

    Autumn, a time to give thanks for the harvest Savor the Shine Muscat
    grapes, the green gems from the
    "fruit kingdom" of Yamanashi

    As the summer heat subsides and transitions to autumn, various crops are ready for harvest, and it is the season the Japanese call "autumn appetite." This is the best time to enjoy high-quality fruits grown with the utmost care. Let's venture out to Yamanashi, where you can find a treasure trove of fruits, including the delectable Shine Muscat grapes.

    Model Course:
    Haneda Airport



    Three-day tour by car

    day 1

    Savor sweet Shine
    Muscat grapes in the grape
    capital of Katsunuma

    Enjoy freshly picked Shine Muscat grapes

    Shine Muscat is a premium grape variety characterized by its large size, sweet flavor and crisp thin skin, making it popular as gifts.

    Upon entering the orchard overlooking the town surrounded by mountains, the bright green colors of Shine Muscat grapes will stir your excitement. Cut a bunch from the vines and pop a fresh piece into your mouth to savor the refreshing aroma and amazing sweetness. The orchard also offers all-you-can-eat courses in which you can try out different types of premium grapes, allowing you to enjoy the delicious Shine Muscat and Kyoho grapes to your heart's content.


    Gaze at the breathtaking Yatsugatake Mountains

    Lounge on a sofa bed on the 1,900-meter-high mountaintop and enjoy the sweeping panorama of the Yatsugatake Mountains.

    Kiyosato Terrace,

    Sun Meadows Kiyosato

    Kids will love playing with the engaging staff in the great outdoors

    This lodging facility offers over 15 activities every day in the beautiful natural environment at the foot of the mountains.

    bub resort Yatsugatake

    day 2

    Thrilling and relaxing
    times in the foothills of
    the world-famous Mount Fuji

    Exhilarate in the thrilling rides

    Scream and shout on the Guinness World Records-certified thrill rides at one of Japan's most popular amusement parks.

    Fuji-Q Highland

    Barbecue with Japanese ingredients facing Mount Fuji

    Nestled in an expansive forest, the first thing that comes into view at the facility is the majestic Mount Fuji.

    After basking in the fresh forest air, head to the private dining area for a scrumptious barbecue in the open and relaxing atmosphere, featuring luxurious ingredients such as Wagyu beef, Ise-ebi lobster and abalone sourced from renowned local shops. Afterwards, sit by the campfire and enjoy gazing at the starry sky or even the romantic night view of Mount Fuji illuminated by the lanterns of mountaineers.

    The facility is equipped with everything from cooking utensils to ingredients, so there is no need to bring your own. Enjoy camping in comfort with shower rooms and air-conditioned accommodations.

    le nido

    day 3

    Wrap up your trip with
    tasty fruit sweets

    Picturesque combination of Japanese icons like Ukiyo-e paintings

    Climb close to 400 steps and be rewarded with an amazing view of Mount Fuji and a five-storied pagoda.

    Arakurayama Sengen Park

    Grape sweets are treats for the eye and palate

    At this cafe attached to a grape research facility, try the photogenic parfait with a generous heap of succulent grapes.

    grape shop cocolo

    Rejuvenate in the open-air bath

    Wrap up your fun-filled trip with a soak in the open-air bath with a great view of Mount Fuji.

    Hottarakashi Onsen

    Other fruit activities
    to enjoy in autumn

    • Apples

      Apple picking

      Pick fully ripe apples and relish in their fresh, sweet flavor.

      Tsugaru Yume Ringo Farm

      Nearby spots


      Enjoy trekking the mystical virgin beech forest, registered as a UNESCO World Heritage site.

      Nearby Airports
    • Pears

      Nashi (pear) picking

      All-you-can-eat nashi picking with unlimited time means you can fully appreciate the delicious seasonal varieties of juicy nashi.


      Nearby spots

      Tottori Sand Dunes

      Marvel at the natural beauty of Japan's largest sand dune while enjoying camel rides and paragliding.

      Nearby Airports
    Fruit Experiences

    Harsh yet beautiful winter Journey the idyllic scenery of
    Shikoku in pursuit of the aromatic
    and refreshing citrus fruits

    Japan has a beautiful winter season, with many of the mountainous regions blanketed in snow.

    Some fruits are also in season at this time, such as mandarin oranges and apples.

    It's a great time to travel to the island of Shikoku to discover the delectable variety of citrus fruits the region is famous for.

    Model Course:
    Kochi Airport


    Matsuyama Airport

    Three-day tour by car

    day 1

    Discover the wonders of yuzu,
    the famed citrus coveted by chefs and pâtissiers worldwide

    Meet the adorable animals up close

    The zoo aims to minimize the use of cages and fences, allowing visitors to observe the animals in their natural state.

    Noichi Zoological Park of Kochi Prefecture

    Amazing straw-seared bonito over powerful flames

    A local specialty, straw-fired bonitos are seared right in front of your eyes and seasoned with salt.

    Warayaki Katsuo Tataki
    Myojinmaru in Hirome Market

    Snack on the go on cake filled with the goodness of yuzu citrus

    This local favorite cake is infused with yuzu syrup, creating a sweet and tart flavor.

    Thé ou café negrita

    Warm up in the hot spring scented with yuzu

    On the day of the winter solstice, visitors can soak in the traditional yuzu bath and enjoy the refreshing fragrance and therapeutic effects. The dinner also adds yuzu in the fresh stream fish and sushi dishes, making for a special yuzu-filled stay.

    Umaji Onsen

    day 2

    Bask in the natural
    surroundings of Shimanto River,
    the last clear stream in Japan

    Slow and easy tramcar trip

    Breathe in the fresh forest air as you ride the tramcar along the river.
    The retro train is popular among visitors of all ages.

    Umaji Shinrin Railway

    Restaurant above the sea overlooking the gentle waters

    Enjoy fresh seafood cuisine in the restaurant floating in a cove while gazing at the sea.

    Ukihashi restaurant

    Stargaze in style under the clear
    winter sky

    The glamping facility has no streetlights in the surrounding area, so you can truly see the star-filled night sky. The fully heated domes make camping comfortable even in the winter.

    Skyhill Glamping

    day 3

    Savor Ehime's unshu mikan mandarin
    oranges with soft, easy-to-peel skin

    Harvest the blessings of nature nurtured in the warm climate

    The short mandarin orange trees make it easy for even small children to enjoy picking the fruit. Savor the juicy, aromatic citrus grown in the mild climate, creating a perfect balance of sweet and tart flavor.

    Toda Orchards

    Slip back to ancient times at the historic Dogo Onsen

    Experience the olden times of Japan at the hot spring facility of Dogo Onsen, said to be the oldest of its kind in the country.

    Dogo Onsen Honkan

    Twist the faucet and see what pours out

    Delight awaits when you twist the faucet… fresh mandarin orange juice! It's a unique experience that will surely be a memorable part of your trip.

    Matsuyama Airport

    Other fruit activities to
    enjoy in winter

    • Melons

      Miyako Island melons

      The brand-name melon is a rare variety that is in season in the winter. The succulent fruit is famous for its strong sweetness from growing in the mineral-rich soils of the island.

      Nearby spots

      17end beach

      The white sandy beach and turquoise blue ocean make this one of the most spectacular beaches in Japan. You can also view the landing of airplanes right up close.

      Nearby Airports
    • Persimmons

      Korogaki dried persimmon

      Korogaki, a kind of dried persimmon, is a traditional snack made by hanging the fruit along the eaves of a house. The bright orange persimmons hung like a curtain is a customary scenery of Japan.

      Nearby spots

      Mitsukejima Island

      The amazing sight, evocative of an approaching large ship, is especially breathtaking in the winter snowscape.

      Nearby Airports
    Fruit Experiences Fruit Experiences
    Fruit experiences

    Easily accessed from Haneda Airport, have an enchanting fruit experience in Tokyo

    Fascinating fruit experiences in Tokyo, the world's renowned
    gastronomic city, are all easily accessible from Haneda Airport.

    • ichigo house.

      Enjoy strawberry picking while feeling nature in an urban setting. Indulge in the delicious taste of the freshly picked strawberries.

    • Shiseido Parlour

      Enjoy luxurious sweets made with seasonal fruits at the prestigious shop which was established in 1902.


      The elegant and sophisticated patisserie offers elaborately crafted parfaits and other edible works of art. Reservations are required.

    • BookRoad

      The urban winery lets you enjoy tastings of high-quality wines made in downtown Tokyo. A winery tour is also available upon reservation.

    You can truly experience the exquisite beauty of the four seasons and the wide variety of fruits of Japan only by visiting.
    Why not enjoy a trip to discover the richness of Japan's nature?

    Enjoy fruits aboard

    Sample image

    ANA offers a wide selection of in-flight
    meals that cater to different needs, including fruits and vegan meals as well as options for children.