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Kamado Shrine

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Kamado Shrine, Dazaifu City located on sacred mountain, Mount Homan

Dazaifu City was called as crossroad of civilization since ancient times, it was a center of cultural exchange, where people come and go. Kamado Shrine’s official name is “Homangu Kamado Shrine” since located on sacred mountain, Mount Homan and has been worshipped for over 1350 years to be blessed with good connection between people.

Surrounded by abundance of nature at the base of Mount Homan.

Talking about Dazaifu City in Kyushu, many people think about Dazaifu Tenmangu that dedicated in honor of Sugawara Michizane and about 10 minutes’ drive to the northeast, there is Homangu Kamado Shrine that have been worshipped to be blessed from God of good connection, fortune, and warding off evil.
A sacred mountain, Mount Homan (829m) has been attracted many climbers than any other area in Kyushu, the upper shrine of Kamado Shrine is on top of this mount and the lower shrine at the base of this mount. It’s also known as a spot to enjoy cherry blossoms in spring and the colorful foliage in autumn, so visitors can enjoy the abundance of nature in every season. In 2013, as a commemoration of 1.350 years of its establishment, this sanctuary including the main worship hall and shrine office are under renovation. In particular, a new amulet office was designed by leading interior designer, WonderWall’s Masamichi Katayama is attracting many interest from all around Japan and overseas.

God of "Enmusubi"(connection)

The main deity is Tamayorihime-no-Mikoto, mother of Emperor Jinmu. The deity is worshipped mostly by young women as the God of love and match-making.
“Enmusubi” not only describes about the good relationship between men and women, but it actually means variety of relationships that leading a rich and happy life, including connection between family, friends, and at work.

"Katayoke" (pointing life in the right direction)

It is often said that “Life is like a journey” and since an ancient times, Kamado Shrine has been close to the crossroad of people’s life. Because Mount Homan, which also known as Kamado-yama, was located to the northeast of Dazaifu Regional Government when its established there in the 7th century and became a sanctuary that dedicated to warding off the demons. Many people also worshipped to this mountain, such as the center official government who had been assigned to Dazaifu, cultural people such as Manyo poets writer, Japanese envoy to Sui Dynasty and Tang Dynasty China and people who traveling abroad as country of envoys, prayed there to warding off their misfortune during travel and could reach their destination safely. Even today, people who are going to face a milestone of their life (such as moving, employment, study abroad, new business, etc.) visit the shrine and devoted their sincere prayers.

Strolling around the shrine

Kamado Shrine located about 180 m above sea level, usually 2-3 degrees cooler than Fukuoka City, and visitor can feel the difference atmosphere when set their foot inside the shrine grounds. Surrounded by the abundant nature of Mount Homan, Somei-Yoshino, Yamazakura and Shidarezakura are bloom in spring and in summer, the fresh green leaves of maple, rhododendron, and hydrangea serrata will heal visitor’s eyes and heart. In autumn, around 300 maples and ginkgo’s leaves turn red vividly. The fall foliage is lit up at the night and displaying a mysterious scene which different from day time. At the time of worshipping, visitor cleanse their hands and mouth at “Chozusha basin” at the shrine’s entrance, it is believed that when you clean and purify your heart by looking your reflection in the “mizukagami” in front of the main worship hall, your wish will come true. After said your prayers, you can proceed to the back right of the grounds to the “aikei-no-iwa” (rock of love), two rocks that you can use to tell about your love fortune and “saikai-no-ki”, where you can wish to be reunited with your someone special.

The Standard for 100 Years in the Future

With the theme of "Standard for 100 Years in the future", a new amulet office and visitor center built in 2012 has become a space that stands out for its interweaving of traditional and modern elements. Especially the amulet office have attracted design by the world interior designer WonderWall of Masamichi Katayama, and feel "cleanliness" and "cuteness". The pink marble stretched across the wall expresses each wishes from each person who comes to pray, and the cherry blossom motif of Mikuzumi that scattered over the ceiling and the wall, blends the interior with the scenery at outside and bring the seasonal landscape inside. A cute little amulet of various wishes including "enmusubi" is lined up, so that it is difficult as to which to choose it.
On the observatory behind the amulet office, a two-seat bench and a stool designed by a worldwide product designer, Jasper Morrison, was set up and it is also a pleasure to spend a relaxing time sharpening the senses while looking at the beautiful scenery as the other way to enjoy the shrine.


Name Kamado Shrine
Web Sites (In Japanese) http://kamadojinja.or.jp/
Address 883 Uchiyama, Dazaifu-shi, Fukuoka
Access About 10 minutes by community bus Mahorobago bound for Uchiyama from Nishitetsu Dazaifu Station to the last bus stop, Uchiyama.
About 8 minutes by Mahorobago bus bound for Uchiyama from Dazaifu Tenmangu to the last bus stop, Uchiyama.
Business Hours Amulet Office: 08:00-19:00
Inquiries TEL:092-922-4106
Price Free (paid for parking only)

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