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Ukiha Inari Shrine

A gorgeous view of the long chain of torii gates at Ukiha Inari Shrine

Located within Jyogahana Park in Ukiha City in Fukuoka, Ukiha Inari Shrine welcomes you with a long line of vermillion torii gates running along the steep slopes of the mountainside. As you ascend the steps under the gates lining the approach to the shrine, a stunning view awaits. If the weather is good, you can spot Harazuru Hot Springs and mountainous terrain in the distance.

Shrine with a long and distinguished history

The impressive sight of 91 torii gates stretching in a long line is a must-take photo, but that is not everything Ukiha Inari Shrine has to offer. The shrine has a long and distinguished history, dedicated to the three respective gods of Kyoto’s Fushimi Inari Shrine and Matsuo Taisha as well as Fukuoka's Dazaifu Tenmangu Shrine who are enshrined here. The front shrine, where you can worship, lies at the end of the torii gates. Benefits bestowed by Ukiha Inari Shrine include business prosperity, abundant crops, traffic safety, health, longevity and academic achievement.


Name Ukiha Inari Shrine
Website https://www.crossroadfukuoka.jp/en/event/?mode=detail&id=400000009412&isSpot=1
Address 1513-9 Nagarekawa, Ukiha-machi, Ukiha-shi, Fukuoka
Access Approximately 15 minutes’ drive from the Haki IC on the Kyushu Expressway
Inquiries TEL: 0943-77-5611 (Ukiha City Tourist Association)

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