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Take a boat trip on Kanoko around the island to see its wonders up close!

Koshikishima Islands are a popular scenic spot in Satsumasendai-shi, Kagoshima, located some 30 kilometers west of Satsuma Peninsula.

They are made up of three islands: Kamikoshiki, Nakakoshiki, and Shimokoshiki, which are lined up vertically. The biggest attractions on these islands are various magnificent landforms including cliffs and huge rock formations created from the Cretaceous stratum, dating back some 80 million years ago. The landforms remain untouched in many places across the islands.
The Dangai and Kigan (Cliffs and Rock Formations) Tour on the excursion boat Kanoko is highly recommended. The beautiful views of the islands seen from the sea are sure to take your breath away.

Koshiki Terrace is a community-run facility opened recently in Nakakoshikishima as a base to promote communication with tourists. The facility has a cafe with a relaxing brown-colored exterior and interior, offering visitors a wonderful place to take a break.
The facility is also a popular place to buy souvenirs, where a variety of local crafts and delicacies can be purchased.

The Koshikishima Islands have a popular dish called kibinago-don, which consists of rice covered with deliciously flavored kibinago herring, a local specialty of Kagoshima. Visitors can sample great-tasting Kagoshima delicacies while traveling around the islands.


Name Koshikishima
Web Sites (In Japanese) https://satsumasendai.gr.jp/koshiki-sight-seeing/
Address Satsumasendai-shi (Sato-cho, Kamikoshiki-cho, Kashima-cho, and Shimokoshiki-cho)
Access Approx. 50 min. from Sendai Port by high speed boat Koshikishima
Approx. 75 min. by ferry from Kushikino Shinko Port
Inquiries TEL:0996-25-1140 (Koshikishima Tourism Bureau)

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