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The Takatsuka Atago Jizo Statue

Make a wish to Takatsuka Atago Jizo. “Takatsuka-san” in Hita, Oita Prefecture

The existence of Jizo priest who is said to have received an oracle in the Nara period. Also known as “Takatsuka-san”, it is a rare example of a statue merging Buddhist and Shinto elements. It is said that there is a benefit in the fulfillment that anything will be granted if you ask it, gather faith widely and dedicate your wishes as many as your own year will be deposited with more benefit. More than 2,000 Jizo statues are dedicated in the precincts, which is one of the leading Jizo treasures in the whole country. It is also popular as a “Hatsumode” (New Year’s visit for Shinto) shrine.

Spring Festival on March 24 and Autumn Festival on September 24

At the spring festival and autumn festival, “Omiki” (the sacred wine) and red-and-white rice cakes are distributed to everyone and a lottery event is also held in the temple precincts. In addition, the “Kagura” (sacred music and dance) is performed at the “Kagura-den” (shrine hall), soothing the heart of the worshippers.


Name Takatsuka Atago Jizo Statue
Web Sites (In Japanese) http://takatukasan.com/
Address 3740 Mabaru, Amagase-machi, Hita-shi, Oita
Business Hours 8:00-17:00 (Open for worship 24 hours a day)
Inquiries TEL:0973-57-9200 (Takatsuka Atago Jizo Statue)
Price Free

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