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Fukino Waterfall

A rainbow on Fukino Waterfall in Usa city, Oita Prefecture! Visiting while the autumn leaves are at their peak is recommended.

Usa city, Oita Prefecture, has Fukino Waterfall. Enjoy even more beautiful scenery at the time of the autumn leaves. Fukino Waterfall consists of an "Otaki" larger waterfall and a "Metaki" smaller waterfall, and has a height of 65m. Rainbows appear depending on the season. Also called "Ryusen-ji Temple Waterfall", it's a magnificent waterfall that makes the landscape overlooking from Takimidai behind the Ryusen-ji Temple a favorite of writers and artists.

The waterfall provides a refreshing feeling for the body and mind. Enjoy the beautiful waterfall with water running over the rocks in an aggressive, yet gentle like dancing as well as majestic nature.

Also, in the autumn enjoy the beautiful scenery of the colorful leaves and feel the beauty of every season.


Name Fukino Waterfall
Website (In Japanese) http://www.city.usa.oita.jp/site/kanko-guide/42112.html
Address Fukino, Ajimumachi, Usa city
Access 25 minutes by car from Higashi Kyushu Expressway Ajimu IC.
Takitsubo Car Parking Lot 10cars, Tenbodai Car Parking Lot 30cars (both free of charge)
Inquiries TEL:0978-34-4839 (Usa city Tourism Association Ajimu town Section)

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