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Sen-no-Iwa, a rock formation formed from agglomerates, described as a representative part of the old Yaba scenery along with Mount Kyoshuho. In particular, Mount Kenga, the largest giant rock in the entire Yabakei Gorge, looks like a Sansui landscape painting. 

Sen-no-Iwa includes the 100-meter high sheer precipice, Hiraiwa, sheer “folding-screen” cliffs of various sizes, the Daiganji Caves, and the Oku-no-Sen rock caves. Since ancient times, it has been a sacred land for practitioners of mountain Buddhism. It is said that the name, “Sen-no-Iwa”, comes from the fact that an Indian monk and hermit, or sennin, lived on the mountain a very long time ago.

As you look down onto the clear flowing waters of the Fukami River, the imposing rock formations of many curious shapes and the beautiful natural scenes painted by the ivy and vines covering the rocks creates a world that is just like a Sansui landscape painting. Enjoy the different faces of the mountain in each season, with cherry blossoms in spring, colorful leaves in autumn, and the light dusting of snow in winter.


Name Sen-no-Iwa
Web Sites (In Japanese) http://www.city.usa.oita.jp/site/kanko-guide/116.html
Address Torigoe, Ajimumachi, Usa-shi, Oita
Access Approximately 10 minutes' drive from Ajimu IC
Inquiries TEL:0978-34-4839 (Usa City Tourism Association Ajimu Branch)
Admission Free admission

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