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Sun Western Farm Produce and Seafood Direct Sales Shop

Feast on fresh seafood on the spot in Bungotakada

Ideally located on the western side of the Kunisaki Peninsula in Oita Prefecture and surrounded by the Suo-nada Sea, Bungotakada boasts an abundance of fresh seafood. A seasonal specialty is the small shrimps such as Akaebi and Saruebi ("ebi" means shrimp in Japanese), which are caught in the nearby sea and brought directly to local fish markets.

Crunchy and sumptuous Misaki Kakiage-don rice bowl made from fresh small shrimp

Sun Western carries fresh fish and shellfish caught in the nearby Kakaji Port and is a certified shop serving Misaki Kakiage-don. A Bungotakada specialty rice bowl, it is topped with fried shrimp kakiage (a type of tempura) made from fresh Jakoebi shrimp caught in the local Buzen Sea and drizzled with a subtly sweet sauce.

An accessible treasure trove of fresh local produce

The farm produce and seafood section of Sun Western offers fresh products made locally. The seafood section features a large tank filled with fish caught in the nearby sea such as the local specialty Misaki-gazami, a large blue crab. You can even have them cooked at the adjacent restaurant. With great access from the national highway, the shop attracts many visitors seeking fresh produce from the mountains and seafood from the sea.

Try the Misaki-gazami blue crab in its season from August to December

Misaki-gazami blue crab can be enjoyed from around August to December. Buy them to cook at home or feast on them at a local restaurant, and savor the rich flavor that is only available during the prime season.


Name Sun Western Farm Produce and Seafood Direct Sales Shop
Website (In Japanese) https://www.showanomachi.com/spots/detail/189
Address 3522-4 Kakaji, Bungotakada-shi, Oita
Access Approximately 55 minutes' drive from the Usa IC on the Higashi Kyushu Expressway
Approximately 35 minutes' drive from JR Usa Station
Business Hours 9:00 to 17:00
Closed January 1 to 3, Tuesdays
Inquiries TEL: 0978-54-2623

Bungotakada has a certification system for shops offering Misaki Kakiage-don, five shops are currently registered.
Try the many varieties at the certified shops:
(In Japanese) https://www.showanomachi.com/spots/index/keywords:/s_genre:43/is_search:1#searchmenu

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