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Seikei Park

Seikei Park, an excellent spot to enjoy the beauty of nature and the four seasons of Saga, including autumn foliages, cherry blossoms, and azaleas

At Seikei Park in the city of Taku, Saga Prefecture, you can enjoy autumn leaves, cherry blossoms, azaleas, and other flowers and plants. Seikei Park, where you can enjoy the changes in nature throughout the year, as well as at the adjacent Taku Seibyo and Taku Shrine. Kanotei, a Registered Cultural Property of Japan, can be found inside the park. The park is adorned with color all year round, starting with the plum blossoms of early spring, the 400 cherry trees, azaleas, and the riot of autumn color in the fall. The beautifully landscaped garden of Seikei Park was built with the personal fortune of "Koreyoshi Takatori", a coal magnate who hailed from Taku. It presents beautiful scenery in all four seasons.

Kanotei is a public hall that, along with a library, was donated to what was then the village of Taku in 1925 by Koreyoshi Takatori, a coal magnate and native of Taku, who wanted to make a cultural and educational contribution to his birthplace.
In an alcove of the hall, there is a work of calligraphy in Takatori’s own hand, which says "Kano Taishun," which means "the nightingale in the winter awaits the spring." This is what gives the hall its name.
(Registered as Tangible Cultural Property of Japan)

“Koshi-no-Sato Sakura Festival”

Approximately 400 cherry trees encircle the park. The Sakura Festival is held every year when the cherry blossoms are at their peak. Starting with an opening ceremony, the festival features music events, folk entertainment performances, and other events. It is held over several days, centering on a weekend.

“Koshi-no-Sato Autumn Leaves Festival”

In a harmony of natural and man-made beauty, in autumn, approximately 180 Japanese maple trees set the park aflame in a riot of color, attracting large crowds of visitors to the park. During the festival period, a range of events are on offer, including performances of folk entertainment, music, and hands-on experiences. The fall foliage at Taku Seibyo and Taku Shrine adjacent to Seikei Park is also wonderful.


Name Seikei Park
Web Sites (In Japanese) http://www.nishikyushu.com/seikei_park/info.html
Address 1975-1 Takumachi, Taku-shi, Saga
Access 10 minutes by bus from Taku Station
10 minutes by taxi from Taku Station
Business Hours Open year round
Inquiries Urban Planning Section, City Planning Division, Taku City Office

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