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Amazing view at 40-degree north latitude, where the earth, ocean and sky meet in dynamic symmetry

The grass-covered Cape Nyudozaki is located at the northernmost tip of the Oga Peninsula and is surrounded by the Japan Sea. It is well known as a spot for viewing a dynamic panorama of ocean and sky. It is also home to the Nyudosaki Lighthouse, listed as one of the best 50 lighthouses in Japan, and the 40-degree north latitude monument created from rock local to the peninsula.

Nyudosaki Lighthouse

Listed as one of the best 50 lighthouses in Japan, this black and white striped lighthouse is an iconic feature of the cape. This is also one of only 16 out of the 3,000 lighthouses in Japan that can be climbed up. It started providing light on November 8, 1898, and its beam, emitted every 15 seconds from the 27.92-meter-tall lighthouse, can extend over a distance of 37 kilometers. Adjacent to it is a museum that offers a good deal of information, including a comprehensive history of the lighthouse itself. This special place has also been selected as a romantic date spot, especially due to the beautiful view of the ocean that can be seen from the top of the lighthouse.

Glass-Bottom Boat Cruises

Glass-bottom boat cruises are available for visitors to explore the local undersea wonderland with numerous fish and other species of sea life visible to the naked eye. The roundtrip journey takes about 30 minutes between the departure point under the lighthouse and the Mizushima rock reef, and the best season for the experience is summer when the water is at its clearest. This short but fun experience is delivered by a guide with a strong Akita accent, and one can enjoy impressive views of Cape Nyudozaki and the Oga Peninsula at sea level.

Ishiyaki Cuisine

Ishiyaki, or stone cooking, is a traditional local cuisine created by the fishermen of the Oga region in Akita and is basically a hot pot made from a combination of miso-based soup and local fresh seafood and vegetables with a unique twist. The cooking method is very dynamic, with piping-hot charcoal-heated stones thrown into a barrel filled with soup. When the seafood and vegetables are added, the soup quickly comes to a boil with a spectacular and noisy steam eruption. This extraordinary experience is known as Oga's specialty and is a treat for the eyes, ears and tongue. Also, stones used are actually fragments of volcanic rock from the Oga area.


Name Nyudozaki
Website https://stayakita.com/things-to-do/things-to-do-220
Address Kitaura Nyudozaki, Oga-shi, Akita
Access Approximately 60 minutes' bus ride from JR Hadachi Station
Inquiries TEL: 0185-24-9141 (Tourism Division, Oga City)

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