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Roadside Station Echizen

Echizen crab is the king of winter delicacies, and the only crab in Japan to be presented to the Imperial Household. The yellow tags are proof of the brand. During the crab fishing season, the restaurant Kaneichi in Roadside Station Echizen serves Echizen crab as part of its set meals. Enjoy this flavor unique to Echizen, close to the crab fishing grounds where crabs can be caught while still very fresh.

Roadside Station Echizen is located along the coast of the central Echizen-Kaga coast area. It serves as a gateway to tourist routes over a large area. The station contains specialty stores and restaurants offering local specialties, so you can also enjoy shopping and dining here. It also houses the Echizen open-air bath hot springs "Isaribi", the "Echizen Crab Museum", and a tourist information center, making it the perfect base for coming to enjoy Echizen crab.


Name Roadside Station Echizen
Web Sites http://www.town-echizen.jp/en/
Address Inside Roadside Station Echizen, 71-335-1 Kuriya, Echizen-cho, Nyu-gun, Fukui
Access Approximately 40 minutes by car from Sabae IC, Hokuriku Expressway
Business Hours 10:00 to 17:00 (Last order 16:00)
Inquiries TEL:0778-37-2360 (Roadside Station Echizen)

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