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Sanriku Railway

Feast on fresh seafood and panoramic views along the Sanriku Railway, the symbol of reconstruction

Sanriku Railway runs along the scenic coastline of Iwate Prefecture covering approximately 163 kilometers from north to south. The popular line offers a series of stunning views of the rugged and beautiful stretch of coastline and unique topography from its windows. The Sanriku Coast where the train travels through is also known as a treasure trove of delicious seafood. Seasonal "event" trains are also available. For example, in winter, passengers can enjoy the trip wrapped up under a warm kotatsu table heater.

Iwate's "Sanriku-zuke" seafood set menu and rice bowl

Nicknamed "Santetsu," each station of the Sanriku Railway is also known by respective nicknames and appreciated by many railfans and local people. Restaurants along the line each offer their unique "Iwate Sanriku-zuke" seafood set menus and rice bowls showcasing seasonal delicacies caught along the Sanriku Coast where the intersection of warm and cold currents provide an excellent fishing ground. Each season brings various kinds of fresh seafood which are soaked in the restaurants' original sauce.


Name Sanriku Railway
Website https://www.sanrikutetsudou.com/en/
Address 4 Sakae-cho, Miyako-shi, Iwate
Access Approximately 1 minute' walk from Miyako Station on the Sanriku Railway and JR Yamada Line
Business Hours The timetable is available on the corporate website.
Inquiries TEL: 0193-62-7000 (Passenger Service Department, Sanriku Railway)
Admission Please refer to the corporate website for details.

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