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Yaizu Fish Market

Fresh seafood gathered all in one place! Savor local tuna and bonito at the Yaizu Fish Market

Yaizu, which faces Suruga Bay on the Pacific coast, is one of Japan’s major fishing ports. If you are craving for delicious seafood, Yaizu is a perfect destination. With approximately 60 shops selling locally caught fish, processed seafood products and much more, the Yaizu Fish Market is a very popular spot that offers a lot of local delicacies. Not only does the market offer tuna and bonito, which the city boasts the largest catch in the country, it also lets you savor all the tasty foods that Shizuoka has to offer such as whitebait and Sakura shrimp brought ashore in Suruga Bay.

Shop for fresh seafood in a vibrant atmosphere

“Come on! Come all!” Loud cries of the vendors echo through the market as they entice visitors. At the Yaizu Fish Market, a vibrant atmosphere of a traditional fish market continues to live on today. Besides showcases packed with massive amounts of products and trivia talks by fish-loving shop owners, the retro-looking market that somehow brings back fond memories is fun to just walk around. Enjoy shopping and eating so much that you cannot possibly eat anything else. Learning about products and haggling over prices with friendly shop owners are also a fun part of shopping at the market.

Restaurant Daishokudo Nagisa

The huge restaurant Daishokudo Nagisa located inside the market is the perfect place to enjoy Japanese dishes rich in fresh-caught seafood brought directly to your table. Feast on Yaizu’s authentic fresh delicacies in a spacious restaurant.


Name Yaizu Fish Market
Web Sites http://shizuoka-guide.com/english/detail/page/detail/3582
Address 4-13-7 Yagusu, Yaizu-shi, Shizuoka
Access Approximately a minute drive from the Yaizu IC on the Tomei Expressway
Approximately 10 minutes’ drive from the Fujieda Okabe IC on the Shin-tomei Expressway
Business Hours 9:00 to 17:00
Closed New Year’s Day, temporarily closed due to maintenance
Every Wednesday, half of the shops close in alternation (except for November and December)
Inquiries TEL: 0120-82-1137 (Yaizu Fish Market Administration Office)

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