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Inabayama Miyajima Gorge Prefectural Park

A park richly endowed with nature in Oyabe City in western Toyama

Inabayama Miyajima Gorge Prefectural Park is a large 757-hectare park comprised of 346-meter-high Mount Inaba and Miyajima Gorge at the foot of the mountain. The park, boasting farms, mountain streams, and waterfalls, lets you experience bountiful nature.

Enjoy a 360-degree panoramic view of Mount Inaba and interaction with animals

The observatory on the summit offers a panoramic view of the magnificent Tateyama Mountain Range right before your eyes as well as the Noto Peninsula at the far left side and Sankyoson town on the Tonami Plain below you. In the night, it turns to a perfect viewing spot of the stunning nightscape of Oyabe City. In the park, there are also farms and spaces where you can enjoy interacting with cows, rabbits, goats, and other animals. The cafe restaurant on the summit, open on weekdays and holidays, offers a variety of menus including hamburgers cooked with locally grown beef, which is limited to 10 servings a day.

Miyajima Gorge – A relaxing spot surrounded by waterfall sounds and beautiful mountain streams

Known as the village of clear waters, Miyajima Gorge is scattered with beautiful waterfalls. The 3-meter-drop waterfall Ichinotaki, which is as wide as the river width, is referred to as a small Niagara Falls. There are several other falls including the graceful Ninotaki waterfall, which offers a soothing experience. There is a walkway in the surrounding area so that you can visit with small children with peace of mind. The gorge is also famous for the 12 Venus sculptures created to match the landscape. In autumn, the whole area glows with vibrant colors while letting you enjoy activities like chestnut picking. You can relax and enjoy nature all day long as there are also hot spring inns that offer meals and tachiyori-yu, a type of hot spring open to all visitors without accommodations.


Name Inabayama Miyajima Gorge Prefectural Park
Web Sites (In Japanese) https://www.oyabe.info/archives/area/inabamiyajima/
Address 165 Inaba, Tagawa, Oyabe-shi, Toyama
Access Approximately 20 minutes’ drive from Isurugi Station on the Ainokaze Toyama Railway
Inquiries TEL: 0766-67-5175 (Mount Inaba Contact Animal Square)

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