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ANA Unveils “Green” Livery Aircraft
“Eco Bon” Bombardier DHC8-Q400 to fly domestic routes

TOKYO November 12, 2010 –ANA Group today unveiled its first green-liveried aircraft, reflecting the airline's commitment to environmental sustainability and lower emissions.

The green livery has been applied to a Bombardier DHC8-Q400 aircraft, which will be used on domestic routes from November 19, 2010. The new paint scheme aims to encourage awareness among passengers about ANA's environmental strategy.

ANA Group is the first Japanese airline to receive the Government's “Eco First*”certification, following the introduction of several measures and initiatives to protect the environment and address climate change. The Bombardier was selected for its superior environmental performance—reduced noise pollution and lower CO2 emissions—in comparison to jet engine-equivalents.

The aircraft, currently serving routes on the ANA Group domestic network, has been nicknamed by employees “Eco Bon”: the winning entry from an in-house competition. It embodies ANA Group attitude towards the environment (“Eco”) and its customers, while “Bon” is derived from “Bon Voyage.”

“Eco Bon” will be operated by ANA WINGS, the recently formed ANA Group company that went into service on October 1 of this year.

ANA Group launched a “Carbon Offset Program” on all domestic routes from October last year. This is one of the initiatives in which ANA, together with its customers, contributes to environmental sustainability. To learn more about this program, visit our website at ANA Group aims to become a leading eco-friendly airline. The Group continues to actively work and engage in initiatives on environmental protection.

Aircraft:JA856A(Bombardier DHC8-Q400)

Environmental performance:

  • 30-40% reduced CO2 emissions in comparison to jet engines
  • reduced approx 10 decibel noise pollution

Body paint design:

  • Green livery instead of ANA traditional corporate blue
  • “ECO Friendly Airline” slogan featured on engine side

Operating routes:
  Domestic routes mainly to and from Itami (Osaka), Nagoya, Fukuoka and Sapporo

* “Eco-First” is a program established by Japan's Ministry of the Environment in April 2008 to promote environmental protection measures among corporations. In order to become certified, companies must make a commitment to the Minister of the Environment in connection with their climate change countermeasures and environmental protection initiatives. ANA Group became the first certified Eco-First company in the airline and transport industry in November 2008.

Contact:ANA Public Relations TEL +81-3-6735-1111
 ANA Unveils “Green” Livery Aircraft