How to Apply

After logging into the ANA website, click My Menu, select Retroactive Registration, and select either Mileage Credit for ANA International Flights or Mileage Credit for Partner Airline.

  • Please confirm the application procedures below.

1.ANA Mileage Club Top Page

2.ANA Mileage Club My Menu

3.International Retroactive Registration Page - Your Profile (Step 1/5)

Confirm your AMC membership number and name, read the details regarding mileage registration, then click Register Email Address.

4.International Retroactive Registration Page - Register Email Address (Step 2/5)

Enter the email address at which you wish to receive the confirmation email, then click Register Flight Information.

5. International Retroactive Registration Page - Flight Information (Step 3/5)

Refer to your e-Ticket Itinerary Receipt or boarding pass and enter the information for the relevant flight.

  • Flight information is presented in different layouts depending on the airline. Refer to the links below for examples of where flight information can be found within a document and enter the information accordingly.

6.International Retroactive Registration Page - Verify Information (Step 4/5)

Confirm the entered information, then click Register. Please note that changes and deletions will not be possible after you click Submit.

7.International Retroactive Registration Page - Completed (Step 5/5)