Keep My Fare

Keep My Fare is a convenient service that enables customers to hold onto reservation and fare details if they need more time to decide their ticket purchases.

What is Keep My Fare?

The Keep My Fare service allows customers booking international flights via the ANA website to hold reservation and fare details for up to 72 hours before ticket issuance.
This service is particularly useful when your travel dates aren't finalized, or if you are traveling with someone else and need to discuss travel plans prior to purchase. You can apply for the service from the payment screen after selecting your preferred flight and fare.

Eligible Reservations

Itineraries which contain only ANA-operated flights with an ANA flight number. (Japan domestic codeshare flights operated by other carriers are also eligible.)
[Ineligible flights] The Keep My Fare screen will not be displayed for fares with a purchase or reservation time limit of less than 72 hours (i.e., fares for which flight tickets must be issued in this period).

Payment Method

Payment is by credit card only.


Fees differ depending on the site you are booking through.

Application website Fees
Japan site JPY 1,000
Europe site EUR 7.50
Canada site CAD 10.00
Other site USD 10.00

Changes and Cancelations After Booking the Service

After booking the service, itineraries cannot be changed prior to purchase, nor can refunds be provided.

Regarding Applicable Fares

When using Keep My Fare, applicable fares are the fares in effect on the time of booking and valid for the start date of the itinerary of your ticket.
We will not collect/refund any fare differences that may arise due to fare revisions, etc., after applying for the service.
However, if purchasing a fare which allows reservation changes, any fare differences resulting from such changes will be subsequently collected or refunded.


  • - This service is only available via the ANA website.
  • - Your reservation will be canceled automatically if payment is not received by the payment due date.
  • - This service cannot be used in conjunction with award tickets.