Taking a plane is an easy and convenient way to vacation in Hokkaido.
Start your road trip with a quick trip to the car rental counters located in the airport.

It's about an hour and a half flight
from Tokyo to Hokkaido.

operate every day! Around 50 flights Around 50 flights operate every day! Including codeshare flights

Hokkaido is served by airports such as Rishiri, Wakkanai, Monbetsu, Memanbetsu, Nakashibetsu, Obihiro and Hakodate. Flying from Tokyo, it takes approximately 95 minutes to Asahikawa, approximately 95 minutes to Sapporo (New Chitose) and approximately 90 minutes to Kushiro.




Experience the greatness of nature in every season

This video depicts two women and one man enjoying a road trip to Northern Hokkaido. The contents of the video can also be viewed as a text version.

Drive to Discover New Hokkaido

Video Clips Explanation:
An airplane is taking off from the runway.
Clip changes.
Looking down at the trees shined upon by the setting sun from the sky.

Video Clips Explanation:
Two female travelers have a conversation in a car.
A car drives through a straight road rich in nature.
Car parks in a parking lot.

Video Clips Explanation:
Two female travelers dip their feet in the hot spring.
Filming a female traveler dip her feet in the hot spring.
Looking down at hot springs from the sky.
A female traveler is looking at the scenery while dipping her feet in the hot spring.

Lake Kussharo

Video Clips Explanation:
Waves are lapping the sandy beach.
With the sunset on Lake Kussharo in the background, two female travelers take selfies with a smartphone.

Akanko Ainu Kotan

Video Clips Explanation:
Several sculpted wooden towers stand.
A male staff plays a traditional wooden musical instrument of the Ainu People by vibrating it in front of his mouth.
A female traveler watches the male staff member while she plays the same instrument.
Bottles of round green algae stand in a row.
Two female travelers talk while each is holding a bottle of round green algae.
Two female travelers are looking at small items at a traditional Ainu crafts store.
Wooden-curved dolls and owl ornaments.
Two female travelers are enjoying having a conversation.


Video Clips Explanation:
Volcanic smoke erupts from the mountain surface.
Footsteps are taken on the mountain surface.
Volcanic smoke erupts out intensely from the fumarole.
Two female travelers are looking at the scenery.
Looking down at Mt. Iouzan, where volcanic smoke is erupting, from the sky.

Video Clips Explanation:
Two female travelers are eating sweets in a vehicle.
A female traveler breaks into a smile as she eats an ice cream deliciously.

Nippon Rent-A-Car

Video Clips Explanation:
A car is driving on a straight road in rural scenery.
Two female travelers are listening to an explanation by a female staff member at the rental car reception counter.
A female staff member explains while pointing at materials.
You can enjoy the content of Hokkaido only by renting a car.
Renting a car for foreigners is actually very simple.
Make an online reservation beforehand.

Video Clips Explanation:
Japanese traffic rules and road signs are on a pamphlet.
Introductions are already available in multiple languages.
Very secure to use.

Video Clips Explanation:
Two female travelers are guided by a female staff member and are walking in a store.
Two female travelers are waving to the outside from inside the departing vehicle.
Let's go! Rent a car for new journey.

Video Clips Explanation:
Looking down at the vast plains and trees stretching from the sky.
A female traveler is sitting on the passenger seat and talks to the female traveler driving.
Looking at the autumn colored foliage from the sky.

Cape Tsubetsu

Video Clips Explanation:
Shined upon by the sun, a sea of clouds spreads as far as you can see.

Lake Shikotsu

Video Clips Explanation:
Running on a road where you can see the lake.
A car drives on a bridge across the mountain with autumn colored foliage.
Redly colored maple trees.
From the vehicle, you can see a boat moving across the lake.
Two female travelers look at the scenery from a bridge.
Lake Shikotsu stretches right in front of the lake.
Mountains stand beyond the vast and beautifully blue Lake Shikotsu.
Two female travelers are paddling a canoe.
You can see rocks at the bottom of the lake through the highly transparent water.
A female traveler takes a selfie on a canoe.
Looking down at Lake Shikotsu and a canoe from the sky.


Video Clips Explanation:
Looking at the mountains with autumn leaves from the sky.

Video Clips Explanation:
Fish grilled on a gridiron.
Pouring soy sauce on grilled scallops.
A female traveler eats scallops happily and breaks into a smile.
A large oyster filled with much meat.
A female traveler enjoys eating an oyster and nods to herself.

Kushiro sunset cruise

Video Clips Explanation:
Many birds are flying around a boat in an enclosing formation.
A female traveler drinks beer on the deck of a boat.
Setting sun shines upon a lighthouse.
A female traveler makes a heart mark with her fingers at the setting sun.
Birds fly around a lighthouse.
A female traveler waves her hands in this direction.

Video Clips Explanation:
In the middle of the screen, there is the ANA logo and the words "Inspiration of Japan".
The words "A Star Alliance Member" and the Star Alliance logo.


Map showing New Chitose Airport and Hoshino Resorts Tomamu, along with recommended spots near Asahikawa Airport in Northern Hokkaido.
  • New Chitose Airport

    About an 8-minute ride by the free shuttle service

  • Nippon Rent-a-Car, Chitose Airport branch

    About an hour and 40-minute car ride

  • 1
    Hoshino Resorts RISONARE Tomamu

    Nested among a forest of conifer trees, all rooms are at least 100m above sea level. The suites come with jet baths and saunas overlooking magnificent views. While in Hokkaido, enjoy the best resort accommodations.

    Trendy Spots

    Hoshino Resorts Tomamu


    Cloud Bar

    At Hoshino Resorts Tomamu, there is a wide variety of activites where you can experience the vast nature.

    Recommended Activites

    Taking a walk in the sky with the Cloud Walk

    Sorachi River Rafting

    Nap with sheep on hammock

  • Stay at Hoshino Resorts RISONARE Tomamu

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