ANA Hawaii: A380 to Come into Service on the Hawaii Route

FLYING HONU Airbus A380 (Three Aircraft in Total)

The Hawaiian word "honu" is a term of endearment used towards the sea turtle, and reflects the widespread love that the Hawaiian people feel for this animal. It is believed to be a sacred creature in Hawaii, and those who manage to catch a glimpse of one are said to be blessed with good fortune and prosperity.
We decided to name these special liveries FLYING HONU (meaning "flying sea turtle") in the hope that our customers traveling to Hawaii on these aircraft will also be blessed with good fortune.

Our three FLYING HONU aircraft will be phased into service on the Honolulu-Tokyo route from spring 2019. Inspired by the Hawaiian sky, ocean, and sunset respectively, each of these aircraft is truly unique and has its own facial expression and color scheme.

  • Hawaiian SkyANA Blue
  • Hawaiian OceanEmerald Green
  • Hawaiian SunsetSunset Orange
Total of 2,197 Designs Received! We received a total of 2,197 designs from across the globe for our aircraft design contest held in fall 2016. For the winning entry, we chose a turtle family-themed design featuring a sea turtle relaxing together with its children in the blue Hawaiian ocean.
520 Seats!



First Class First Class for the Very First Time on ANA's Honolulu Route!

  • Seats featuring a door to provide passengers with their own private space
  • 32-inch touch-panel LCD widescreen monitor
  • Large table
  • Meal lights as well as reading lights on all seats
  • Plenty of stowage space including a closet for jackets and several compartments for smaller items
  • PC power port and USB port

*All images used are for illustrative purposes only.

Business Class

  • Lie-flat seats all with direct access to the aisle
  • Pair seats (some are center seats adjacent to each other while others are positioned either side of the aisles)
  • 18-inch touch-panel LCD widescreen monitor
  • Large table and large side table
  • PC power port and 2 USB ports

*All images used are for illustrative purposes only.

Premium Economy

  • Spacious 38-inch seat pitch
  • 15.6-inch touch-panel personal monitor, the largest available in Premium Economy (11.6 inches for first-row seats)
  • Large table that swivels 90 degrees (easy aisle access)
  • All seats equipped with leg and foot rests
  • 6-way adjustable headrest
  • Stowage space for cell phones and other small items
  • PC power port and USB port

*All images used are for illustrative purposes only.

Economy Class

  • Slim, lightweight, state-of-the-art seats
  • Two new varieties of fabric for a brighter ambience
  • 34-inch seat pitch (32 inches for ANA COUCHii)
  • 13.3-inch touch-panel personal monitor, the largest available in Economy Class (11.6 inches for first-row seats)
  • 6-way adjustable headrest
  • PC power port and USB port

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ANA COUCHii is the World's Very First Couch Seat Comprising 4 Seats!

The Very First Couch Seat to Be Offered by a Japanese Airline!*1

We are proud to present ANA COUCHii, the very first couch seat to be offered by a Japanese airline.*1
The couch seat is available for an additional fee which varies depending on the number of users. It comprises three or four seats and has raisable leg rests, meaning that it can be used as a bed by families, couples, and so on. ANA COUCHii also comes with its own bedding.

*Specifications are subject to change.

Wi-Fi and Entertainment

The personal monitors in all classes on the Airbus A380 feature special designs for the Hawaii route.
In addition to the ANA Wi-Fi Service, passengers will also be able to enjoy in-flight content available only on the FLYING HONU.

Cabin Facilities

Multi-purpose Room
Located at the rear of the main deck, this multi-purpose room will provide a space for passengers to change clothes, touch up their makeup, and breastfeed their children, among other purposes. In addition to the sink, this room will be equipped with a bench seat, changing board, and diaper changing table.
Bar Counter
Each cabin class will be equipped with a bar counter where passengers can help themselves to drinks and snacks.

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Graphics and Lighting

In addition to the sky, ocean, and sunset color schemes on the exterior of the aircraft, passengers can also get in the mood for their trip with graphics and lighting reminiscent of Hawaiian scenery including the sunrise, starry skies, and rainbows.

*The specifications for the graphics and lighting will vary by cabin class and seat position.
*All images used are for illustrative purposes only. Please note that the graphics and lighting are subject to change without prior notice.