Bid My Price

Available exclusively via the ANA website, this program gives you the opportunity to bid for an upgrade.

What is Bid My Price?

In this bidding program, you can make an offer for the chance to upgrade to Premium Economy after purchasing a ticket for Economy Class. You may be able to upgrade to Premium Economy, usually available at specified fares, depending on the reservation status immediately before departure and the price you offer.

Terms of Use

Eligible Customers

Customers who purchase a flight ticket fulfilling the conditions below on the ANA website, and receive an email about this service.

  • Economy Class paid ticket
  • Itineraries originating in Japan, the USA, Canada, Europe, Australia, New Zealand, Singapore, Malaysia, Thailand, or Indonesia

Routes Eligible for Upgrades

  • ANA-operated flights between Japan and the USA, Canada, Europe, Australia, Singapore, Malaysia, Thailand, and Indonesia (excludes Japan domestic flights)


  • Customers who have made a reservation for a special seat (e.g., using a bassinet or medical equipment) will not be eligible for this service because the same type of seat cannot be guaranteed after the upgrade.
  • Minors as specified in each country will need permission from their parent or guardian to make an offer in this program.

How to Use This Service

If you have specified domain reception options in your email system, please set it up in advance so that you can receive emails from the address “” Please also make sure to check the Points to Note when using this service.

STEP 1: Receive Invitation Email to Make an Offer

Eligible customers will receive an invitation email 7 days prior to the departure date of the eligible flight.

STEP 2: Make an Offer

  • If you would like to make an offer, please follow the instructions in the email.
  • On the bidding screen, you can see the eligible flights out of your entire itinerary. A gauge is set up for each flight, linked to bid prices. You can choose the price within the preset price range.
    Bids are accepted in the following currencies: Japanese yen, US dollars, Canadian dollars, British pounds, euros, Singaporean dollars, Malaysian ringgit, Thai baht, and Indonesian rupiah.
  • The bidding closes 2 days (48 hours) prior to the departure date of each flight.

STEP 3: Register Payment Information

  • Please follow the instructions on the screen and register the payment information. The only acceptable form of payment is credit cards.
    The following credit cards can be used: VISA, MasterCard, JCB, Diners, and American Express. (this card cannot be used to make bids in Canadian dollars)
  • You will not be charged until the upgrade is confirmed.

STEP 4: Notification of Upgrade

  • When your offer is accepted, your booking will be upgraded and you will receive an EMD PASSENGER RECEIPT no later than 24 hours prior to departure.
  • When multiple offers are made for the same flight, the offers will be accepted in bid price order. In the case of offers with the same bid price, the offers will be prioritized in the order of ticketed booking class, ANA Mileage Club customer status, or when the offer was submitted.
  • Depending on the booking status of Premium Economy at the time of the offer deadline, upgrades may not be available.

When your offer is unsuccessful

We will email you the result at least 24 hours prior to the departure time. The payment will not be deducted when your offer is unsuccessful. Please board Economy Class.
Individual inquiries regarding the availability of upgrades are not accepted. Please note that even if inquired we cannot provide any information on this matter.

Points to Note

  • The fare rules of the ticket purchased before submitting the bid will apply regarding mileage accrual, Premium Point accrual, and itinerary changeability.
  • You cannot reserve the Premium Economy seat for your upgrade in advance (in some cases, you may be able to change a seat reservation at online check-in starting from 24 hours prior to the departure time).
  • If your bid was successful, the paid services EMDs (Electronic Miscellaneous Documents) that you have already requested can be used for the flight for which your bid was successful or any other itinerary as long the terms and conditions are fulfilled and it is within the period of validity.
  • This service is provided in collaboration with Plusgrade (based in Canada). Personal information will be shared to the extent necessary.
  • The recommended browser environment for the Plusgrade website differs from that for the ANA website.
  • Bids for an upgrade apply only to the flights specified in the Bid My Price invitation email. Even if you have reserved multiple flights within the same itinerary, not all of your flights may be upgraded.
  • Unlike a purchase of a Premium Economy fare, this service offers customers a chance to upgrade seats and associated services only for eligible flights based on the seat availability immediately before departure and the price offered by them. Regarding all other regulations, the fare rules of the ticket purchased before submitting the bid will apply.
  • Bids may not be available regardless of the number of available seats. Also, there are only a limited number of seats available for an upgrade.
  • If a reservation has been made for two or more people, the invitation email for this service will be sent to the Main Contact person. When a customer applies for this service, all the members in the same reservation will be subject to the bid, resulting in taxes and handling fees for all the members included in the total price.
  • If the same reservation includes multiple eligible flights, you can make offers for all of these flights via one email. From the multiple eligible flights, you can also select only the flights you would like to make offers for.
  • If you change your reservation after receiving an invitation email, the bid will become ineffective and will not be applied to the new flight.
  • The result of the bid will be notified only via email. Individual inquiries are not accepted.
  • Bids cannot be accepted after the deadline under any circumstances.
  • You will be charged only when your offer is successful and the upgrade is confirmed.
  • Plusgrade (based in Canada), the partner company of this service, will charge the bid price as well as necessary taxes and handling fees. Additional administrative fees may apply depending on the contract between you and your credit card company as well as the currency you selected for the payment. Please contact your credit card company for details on this matter.
  • Once the upgrade is confirmed, you cannot make any changes, receive a refund, or use mileage or points for an upgrade.
  • You can change or cancel the offer until 2 days (48 hours) prior to the departure date.