Involuntary Refunds due to Irregularities beyond ANA's control such as bad weather (International Flights)

Procedures for Refund

STEP 1 : Confirm the applicable ticket(s)

  • ANA International Ticket (Ticket number's first 3digits are 205) with confirmed reservation on the irregular flights
  • Other airline's International Ticket with confirmed reservation on the irregular flights.
    • Refund of other airline's ticket will be subject to the respective carrier's refund policy.
  • An EMD issued for ancillary services for delayed or canceled ANA flights (EMD numbers starting with 205).

STEP 2 : Refund Period

  1. Tickets
    • Refund requests are accepted within one year and 30 days of the date of the first flight sector (or the date of issue if unused) upon submission of the physical ticket or e-Ticket Itinerary Receipt, along with any other necessary information. 
  2. EMD
    • Refund requests are accepted within one year and 30 days of the date the EMD was issued, upon submission of the necessary information.

Where to apply Refund

Following information is a general rule.If you have any further questions, please contact ANA.

Purchased through ANA

ANA by phone, ANA Website*1, ANA city ticketing counter, ANA airport ticketing counter:
Please contact ANA by phone or the city office in the country where you purchased your ticket.*2

ANA airport ticketing counter (international counter in Japan):
Please contact the airport international ticketing counter where you have purchased your ticket or ANA by phone.

  • *1.Please note that ANA Website is not capable of refunds for Irregular cases.
  • *2.Refund procedures are vary depending on the country where you have purchased your ticket.

Purchased through a travel agency or other airlines

Please contact the travel agency or other airlines where you have purchased your ticket.

  • Refund may not be possible outside the country of purchase of the ticket due to currency restrictions.
  • When refund in certain countries other than Japan, it may be possible to refund by check.Refunds will be made in the currency of the country where the refund is made.

Refundable Amount

Refund charge/cancellation penalty shall not apply for involuntary refund.

  1. Tickets
    • Before first flight sector: A full refund is issued, including the fare and any taxes/fees. 
    • After first flight sector: The fare and any taxes/fees*1 are refunded for any unused sectors.
  2. EMD
    • If you have purchased services (e.g. paid lounge access), any service fees for unused sectors will be refunded.
  • *1.Ticketing Service Fee/Exchange Service Fee are refundable if active ANA International Ticket shows these fees at airline service fee.
    If exchanged ANA International Ticket shows these fees, they are not refundable.

How you receive Refund

Purchased with credit card

Give a refund to your credit card account which you used for payment.

  • Completion of refund may take 2 to 3 months depending on various factors such as the day which the refund request is accepted, deadlines and/or refund process situation of the credit card company.

Purchased with cash

Give a refund with cash, account transfer or check (depending on the ticket issuing countries other than Japan).

  • As a general rule, ANA will make a refund to the person named on a ticket only.ANA may require the ANA Mileage Club number, official documentation and/or authorization for verification.
    Official Documentation: Passport/Driver's License/Insurance Card/Residence Card/Proof of Residency/Pension Book, etc.

Purchased with using ANA Value Voucher

ANA will refund the ANA Value Voucher.

Purchased with using ANA SKY COINS

ANA will refund ANA SKY COINS amount back into the latest account (the occurrence of delays and cancellation of the month).

When paying with PayPal

PayPal's refund standards will apply.