Information on Child Seats

Here we describe the types of child seat that can be taken in the cabin.

  • A child seat rental service is not available at ANA.

Using a child seat

  • You may use your own child seat which is certified in Japan (MLIT), Europe (ECE R44), US (FMVSS1) or the "CARES" system.
  • If you wish to use a child seat, please reserve a seat in advance and purchase a child fare.
  • Due to safety reasons, a window seat is preferable for a child seat.If you wish to select an aisle seat, one in the center block is preferable. Please note that we may ask you to change your seat if you select a seat other than that recommended above.

Child Seats Types

The acceptable types of child seat are as follows.

(1) A seat approved by the Japanese Ministry of Land, Infrastructure and Transport (MLIT).

(2) A seat approved by ECE R44-United Nations Economic Commission for Europe

On the top of the mark is the ECE Regulation No. & Revision Series No.

  • Please check if there is notation of "ECE R444".

Below the number is the word Universal followed by the weight range, Country code Serial No. and Product name.
The 03 in the serial number is the regulation revision number.

(3) A seat approved by the U.S. Federal Motor Vehicle Safety Standard (FMVSS)

On the top is the Weight category 3.4kg - 19kg and the Height category 51cm - 102cm.
Below is the statement which states that this child seat conforms to FMVSS standards*1 followed by the statement that the seat is to be only used in motor vehicles or aircraft.

  • *1.Please confirm approved in FMVSS, that it is written.

(4) A "CARES" seat

FAA APPROVED IN ACCORDANCE WITH label is affixed to CARES child seats.

About "CARES"

  • The harness type child seat was previously not allowed on ANA operated flights, but use of "CARES" only is now allowed.
  • "CARES" is a seat for aviation use designed for children age 1 and older who weigh between 22 and 44 pounds (about 10 - 20Kg).
  • It may not be suitable to use in First Class and Business Class on international flights, and in Premium Class on domestic flights, as the seats in these classes are wider than the fixing belt of "CARES".

  • For more information, check the manufacturer's criteria for use and prepare an appropriate seat for the child.
  • Even if the standards have been met, use may be denied depending on the installation situation, or you may be asked to change your seat.

Unacceptable child seats

Even if the above-mentioned standards and approvals have been met, those that cannot be fixed with 2 point seatbelts in practice in the cabin are unacceptable.
In addition, with the exception of CARES, the types listed below are unacceptable.
We will provide notification as the list of acceptable products is updated.

Booster type

Booster type with backrest

Harness/vest type

Other assistance

Other special assistance is available to ensure that expectant mothers and passengers traveling with infants have a pleasant journey. For further information, please visit the ANA website.