Car Service Discount exclusively for customers using First or Business Class fares

Due to the Japanese government-led border measures associated with the spread of COVID-19, public transportation is currently unavailable for moving to the place of self-isolation after entering Japan, but Airport Limousine Taxi Services are available.

To assure a safe and convenient trip, ANA is offering customers who have purchased First/Business Class fares a special discount when you hire an Airport Limousine Taxi Service.

Applicable period

Flights arriving in Japan from January 22nd, 2021 until April 18th, 2021.

Eligible customers

Customers who have purchased ANA First/Business Class fares from abroad to Japan (tickets must have been issued).

  • *Eligible for all ANA First/Business Class booking classes, excluding mileage award tickets.

Eligible routes

Flights which are ANA-operated and booked with ANA (NH) flight numbers are eligible. Codeshare flights are not eligible.
(Narita and Haneda Airport only)

Details of the service

A discount will be applied when using Eastern Airport Motors limousine taxi service.

  • *Click here for details on the hire transfer service
  • *Please email Eastern Airport Motors for inquiries.
  • *This discount is applied per one private car service. Even if there are multiple passengers boarding one vehicle, the discount cannot be combined.
  • *The discount amount varies depending on the flight route. Please refer to the table below.
North America /
Mexico / Hawaii
Europe Asia / Oceania China
JPY 30,000
(Hawaii : JPY 20,000)
JPY 30,000 JPY 10,000
(Australia : JPY 20,000)
JPY 10,000

Price information

Please refer to the PDF below for detailed charges.

How to reserve an Airport Limousine Taxi Service

  1. Make a reservation using the reservation application form
    • * Please be aware that by filling in this reservation application form, the contents will be sent to the car service company.
    • * Please submit the reservation application form at least 4 days (96 hours) prior to arrival in Japan.
      Click here for the reservation application form
  2. Reply Receive reservation confirmation email
    Please check the receipt number.
    If you would like to change any submitted information or cancel your reservation, please contact us as soon as possible at the reply email address.
  3. Receipt of Car Contact Email
    An email will be sent with the car information at least 24 hours prior to it being dispatched.
  4. Immigration/Inspection
  5. The car will be standing by at the pick-up location at the dispatch time.
    If it will take extra time for you exit the airport, please contact the car driver's mobile phone.
    A sign with your name and flight number will be displayed on the front of the car.
  6. Confirmation/Payment
    We may check your passport, test results, etc., before the car departs.
    Please pay before departure.
  7. Operation
    The car will drive you to the address specified at the time of booking.

Please be sure to let Eastern Airport Motors know by the application deadline if there is a change in your flight, booking class, or date.


If you do not contact Eastern Airport Motors by the above application deadline when there is a change in flight or booking class, the discount will not be applied.
Please contact Eastern Airport Motors directly for all procedures such as limousine taxi service arrangements, changes and cancellations. ANA Reservation Center cannot process such inquiries.