FY2023 ANA Vietnam City Office Business Hour & Holiday Schedule




ANA Vietnam City Office (Hanoi and Ho Chi Minh City) Business Hour


❖ Monday-Friday: 08:30 - 17:30


ANA Vietnam City Offices (Hanoi and Ho Chi Minh City) are closed during national holidays (including relevant substitute Saturday and Sunday).


- 29APR2023 (Sat) *Hung Kings Commemoration Day

- 30APR2023 (Sun) *Reunification Day

- 01MAY2023 (Mon) *International Labor Day

- 02MAY2023 (Tue) 

- 03MAY2023 (Wed) 


- 01SEP2023 (Fri) 

- 02SEP2023 (Sat) *National Day

- 03SEP2023 (Sun)

- 04SEP2023 (Mon) 


- 30DEC2023 (Sat) 

- 31DEC2023 (Sun) 

- 01JAN2024 (Mon) *Calendar New Year


- 08FEB2024 (Thu) 

- 09FEB2024 (Fri) 

- 10FEB2024 (Sat) *Lunar New Year

- 11FEB2024 (Sun) 

- 12FEB2024 (Mon) 

- 13FEB2024 (Tue) 

- 14FEB2024 (Wed) 


April 1, 2023

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