Corporate Philosophy
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Our Commitments
On a foundation of security and reliability, the ANA Group will
  Create attractive surroundings for customers
  Continue to be a familiar presence
  Offer dreams and experiences to people around the world
Course of Action
  (1) Maintain top priority on safety
  (2) Customer oriented
  (3) Contribute to the society
  (4) Embrace new challenges
  (5) Debate with active interest, decide with confidence,
and execute with conviction
  (6) Build a powerful ANA Group by effectively using human resources
and focusing on teamwork as the competitive strength
ANA Group Safety Principles
  Safety is our promise to the public and is the foundation of our business.
  Safety is assured by an integrated management system and mutual respect.
  Safety is enhanced through individual performance and dedication.
ANA Group Environmental Principles
  Mindset to cherish environment comes from the recognition of burdensome impact of our activities to the Earth.
  With the effort to minimize the use of natural resources and energy, we engage to support the realization of an affluent & sustainable society.
  With the initiative to commit ourselves to conserve environment, we spread the chain of “planet mindfulness” among the people around the world.
ANA Group Code of Conduct
  ANA Group Code of Conduct