AOZORA Environmental Picture Book Competition Volume IV

How can we explain the importance of our natural treasures - the environment, living creatures, and Mother Nature? How do we tell people that it is up to each of us to safeguard the precious resources, plants and animals of today's world for future generations?
Are words enough, or do pictures tell a better story?

ANA, one of Japan and Asia's leading airlines, invites you to tell your story about our natural treasures in both words and pictures through its fourth International Picture Book Competition.

The name of the competition is 'AOZORA', which is Japanese for 'Blue Skies'.

Entries will be judged by a panel headed by the renowned novelist and naturalist, C W Nicol.
The winners will be announced through the ANA website in January, 2007.


First prize: ¥200,000 in cash and 50,000 AMC* miles
100,000 copies of the winning book will be published and distributed free of charge in japan and overseas.

Second prize:
Adult(16 years old and above) 5 prizes ¥50,000 in cash
Child (up to 15 years old) 10 prizes of ¥30,000 in book tokens

Third prize:
Adult (16 years old and above) 10 commemorative prizes
Child (up to 15 years old) 10 commemorative prizes

Winners in all categories will receive a trophy and certificate
*AMC:ANA Mileage Club

The competition is open to everyone, everywhere, and no fee or purchase of any kind is required to join in. The rules are very simple, and you are asked to observe the following:

- The theme should be the environment - choose something that has special meaning for you, eg, mother nature, the animal kingdom or natural resources
- Each entry must be made up of pictures and words. Entries with just pictures or just words cannot be accepted
- The words should be of a level that children aged between 6 and 11 can read for themselves
- Write the title of your book, but not your name, on the front cover and on the pictures and words inside
- The words accompanying each picture should be written on a separate piece of paper in English or Japanese, or both.
- Clearly mark which words go with which picture.
- Submit the main body of your pictures on 4 separate sheets of A4/ Letter sized paper. Please use them lengthwise (landscape style). The cover should be on A5 or 1/2 Letter sized paper, used widthwise (portrait style). Work submitted in any other sizes will not be accepted
- Your pictures must be hand drawn; using computer graphics or photographs is not allowed
- Only original pictures should be submitted; no copies, please
- Books which have already been published cannot be entered
- ANA may alter the date of the announcement of the winner without notification
- ANA reserves the right to edit the final text prior to publication
- The judges' decision is final
- The judges may decide not to award all prizes in every category, depending on the number and quality of entries
- All copyright and other rights of publication and distribution regarding the entries shall vest with and be the exclusive property of ANA, unless and until the said entries have been returned to the artists, in which case they will vest with the artist
- The winning entries and the name of their authors will be published in both print and on the ANA website, and used in ANA PR activities, over which the said authors shall have no control. ANA reserves the right to edit the winning entries for reasons of publication or to protect privacy

¦How to Enter
  Please send your entry by September 15th, 2006* to your nearest 'AOZORA' office.
Entry form(7kb)

*Entries postmarked on or before 15th September will be accepted

- Please clearly mark "Picture book inside" on the envelope and draw a box around it
- Please enclose a completed entry form with your work, or on a separate piece of paper, write the title of your work, and please give us your...

name, address, post-code, telephone number, e-mail address, age, the type of work you do, or the name of your school and school year
... and enclose it with your entry

- If you are living in Japan, please send your work by Yupak or by registered delivery
- Overseas entries should be sent by mail or courier.

¦Getting your entry back
- If you are living in Japan, please enclose a stamped, self-addressed envelope with the correct postage.
-For those who are living overseas(out of Japan),the entries will normally be returned by mail

Finally, if you have any queries, please do not hesitate to contact your nearest ANA 'AOZORA' office

- Remember, please DO NOT write your name on the book itself -

This competition is kindly supported by :
Ministry of the Environment of Japan
National Federation of UNESCO Association in Japan


novelist and naturalist,
C W Nicol