ANA Selects Mitsubishi Regional Jet
- firm order for 15 aircraft with 10 options -

TOKYO March 27, 2008 - The ANA Board of Directors today selected the Mitsubishi Regional Jet (MRJ) as its new regional aircraft, placing a firm order for 15 and 10 options, with delivery planned from 2013. The aircraft will be powered by the Pratt & Whitney Geared Turbo Fan (GTF).

Deliberations on the regional jet fleet began on January 16 this year, with the establishment of a New Aircraft Selection Committee, which reported its findings to the ANA board. The MRJ was chosen on the basis of safety, overall economy, operational and environmental performance, and passenger comfort.

“We selected the MRJ, with its new technologies and advanced passenger cabin, as part of our drive to equip our fleet with the safest, most fuel efficient, environmentally friendly and passenger friendly aircraft available today,” said ANA President and CEO, Mineo Yamamoto. “The MRJ will play an important role in our strategy going forward after the expansion of airport capacity in metropolitan Tokyo in 2010, allowing us to better meet the demands of our customers, the Japanese domestic market, the environment and the needs of our network,” he continued.

Those needs are as follows:

1   An aircraft in the 90-100 seat range that fits between ANA’s turboprop fleet and narrow-body jet fleet
2   An aircraft with even greater reliability, economics and comfort than ANA’s present turboprop and narrow-body jet fleets
3   An aircraft with the flexibility meet the mid-long term demand in the Japanese domestic market

As part of its ongoing fleet plan, ANA is rationalising its jet aircraft into three types: large wide-body, medium wide-body and narrow-body, and at present operates 72 narrow-body jet aircraft and 22 turboprops. In the medium to long term, ANA also anticipates the need for a small jet in the 90-100 seat range, which will be filled by the Mitsubishi Regional Jet.

Employing the latest technologies in its airframe and engine, the MRJ will be the first regional jet to use composite material for it wings and vertical stabiliser. Coupled with Pratt & Whitney’s newly developed Geared Turbo Fan, it is expected to bring about a 40% saving in fuel, and increase revenue by an annual 5 billion yen, when compared with 737-500 aircraft currently operated by ANA. In addition it will produce fewer emissions and less noise than other regional aircraft of the same type, including turboprops, making it easier on the environment and on the passenger.

Rob Henderson, ANA Public Relations: