ANA Gets Eco-First Recognition from Japanese Government
– first airline singled out for the award by Japan’s Environment Ministry –

TOKYO December 5, 2008 - ANA was endorsed as an ‘Eco-First’ company by Japan’s Minister of the Environment, Tetsuo Saito, at a ceremony on November 11 for its commitment to the environment.

The Eco-First Program was established by Japan’s Ministry of Environment in April this year to recognise and promote the environmental actions of ‘pioneering firms’ compliant with the Kyoto Protocol. ANA is now entitled to use the Eco-First logo in all its communications, to assist in the promotion of greater environmental awareness.

ANA is the first company to receive this accolade in the aviation and transportation industries and was applauded for its efforts to reduce its impact on the environment, including its Ecology Plan 2008-2011, which encompasses the world’s first self-imposed CO2 volume reduction goal by an airline. ANA will achieve this goal - a 200,000 tonne reduction in CO2 per annum emission by 2011, compared with 2006 - by introducing the most environmentally friendly and efficient aircraft available into its fleet, and applying a company-wide cross functional approach to reducing fuel consumption.

ANA is also engaged in forestation and coral-growing projects, both in Japan and abroad, and runs a picture book competition to raise awareness of the environmental issues, as well a being a participant in the Star Alliance-wide commitment to the environment, Biosphere Connections.


Minister of the Environment, Tetsuo Saito (left) presents ANA CEO Mineo Yamamoto with the Eco-First Award

Rob Henderson, ANA Public Relations:
ANA Gets Eco-First Recognition from Japanese Government