ANA Mohican Jet Returns to the Skies after 20 Years!
- retro look 767 to ply domestic routes from December -

TOKYO September 30, 2009 - The skies of Japan will turn nostalgic on December 1 when ANA starts operating a 767 in its former “Mohican” livery on flights between Tokyo and the cities of Miyazaki and Kagoshima in Kyushu, the southernmost of Japan’s four main islands.

The “Mohican” design decorated ANA’s fleet from May 1969 until March 1989, when it was replaced by the current livery. In addition to the eye-catching blue design, the tail-fins of the aircraft at the time also sported the distinctive Leonardo da Vinci helicopter motif, which to this day is used as ANA’s corporate symbol.

“The idea came from one of our employees, who looked back on the heyday of Japanese economic growth, which was reflected by the tremendous growth in aviation,” said Shinya Katanozaka, ANA’s executive vice president marketing and sales. “In particular, Miyazaki and Kagoshima were the mecca of Japanese honeymooners back then. This is the first time that a Japanese airline has brought back one of its old liveries, and we hope that it will strike as nostalgic a chord with our customers as it has with our employees,” he continued.

The “Mohican Jet” will fly until the end of 2013.


Mohican 767 2009-2013

Mohican 737 1969-1989

Megumi Tezuka, Public Relations:
ANA Mohican Jet Returns to the Skies after 20 Years!