ANA Group Corporate Plan for FY 2010
- Introduction of “Narita-Haneda Dual Hub” model:
in step with market demands, working toward being #1 in Asia -

TOKYO January 27, 2010 - ANA Group today announced its Corporate Plan for fiscal year 2010, which runs from April 1, 2010 to March 31, 2011. With the lethargic nature of economic recovery and the bankruptcy filed by Japan Airlines, the trend of slow recovery for the Japanese aviation business is likely to continue.
Conversely, 2010 will be a year of expansion for ANA. Factors such as anticipated capacity increase at Tokyo’s Haneda and Narita airports, the scheduled delivery of Boeing 787, as well as Open Skies between Japan and the United States agreed in December 2009, will bring important business opportunities for ANA to expand. As a result, ANA expansion will be carefully monitored and in parallel to the market and its demands.
Details follow below and are subject to approval by the relevant authorities.

1. International Passenger Operations

(1) Routes from and to Tokyo, Narita
ANA will increase the frequency of existing non-daily flights to daily flights. For routes to Europe, ANA will introduce a new route, Narita=Munich, starting from July 1. For routes to Asia, we will increase the frequency of Narita=Ho Chi Minh, Narita=Hangzhou and upsize the aircraft type of Narita=Qingdao.

(2) Routes from and to Tokyo, Haneda
ANA will expand international routes from Haneda, starting with the introduction of the new Haneda=Taipei (Songshan) route, as well as increasing the frequency of Haneda=Seoul (Gimpo), Haneda=Shanghai (Hongqiao) and Haneda=Beijing during the day. ANA is also considering night-time operation for routes to the West Coast of the United States and Southeast Asia.

(3) Routes from and to Osaka, Kansai
In order to reduce cost and regain profitability, ANA will decrease capacity for routes for Kansai international airport.

(4) Feeder service to Narita
ANA will increase the number of code-share services operated by IBEX Airlines starting from July 1 on routes for Narita=Komatsu and Narita=Hiroshima, which offer both airports more convenient access to the West Coast of the United States. ANA will also increase the frequency for the Narita=Nagoya route, tripling daily flights from August 1 and strengthening the international flight connection from the Chubu district (middle area of the mainland of Japan).

New routes/ increased frequency (Narita)

New routes/ increased frequency (Haneda)

*also considering night-time operation for USA and Southeast Asia routes

Aircraft –type change

Suspended routes/ decreased frequency


2. Domestic Passenger Operations

(1) Realignment of routes in Hokkaido
ANA will shift its 5 routes (14 flights/ day) that operate between Okadama (Hokkaido) and other local airports inside Hokkaido to New Chitose airport (Hokkaido). New Chitose airport connects Hokkaido, the northern island of Japan, to a number of other cities in Japan, and this shift will capture the demands of customers from Hokkaido to access outside the prefecture more efficiently.

(2)Enhancement of routes from Haneda
ANA will increase the frequency of the Haneda=Okinawa route from August 1 to October 31. We will also consider reopening the Haneda=Tokushima route in conjunction with the expansion of landing slots in Haneda airport in March 2011.

(3) Seasonal expansion
ANA will continue to monitor seasonal traffic demands and reinstate or increase frequency of certain routes if and when appropriate.

New routes/ increased frequency

*scheduled for codeshare with AIR DO and IBEX airlines for this route

Realignment of routes on Hokkaido

Suspended routes/ decreased frequency/ reduced period of operation

*scheduled for a codeshare with IBEX airlines


3. Cargo Operations

ANA will continue its operation of the Okinawa cargo hub which started in October 2009. By making cargo ANA’s third core business we hope to both strengthen and build upon its success to date.


4. Fleet Plan

ANA is scheduled to take delivery of the world’s first Boeing 787 during 3Q (October to December) of 2010. The highly innovative Dreamliner had a successful test flight in November last year and a number of successful subsequent test flights since then. We will also complete our retirement plan for our Boeing 747-400 (international) during FY10.
The details of new deliveries and retirements of aircraft are shown in the table below;


5. ANA Group capacity in FY10

*ANA Group operated flights

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ANA Group Corporate Plan for FY 2010