ANA revises flight schedule for the second half of FY2011
Launch of new Haneda - Frankfurt and Nagoya - Hong Kong routes
Additional Haneda - Chitose/Akita/Tokushima flights
New Itami - Akita and Matsuyama - Okinawa services

TOKYO August 23, 2011 - ANA Group today announced its revised flight schedule for the second half of fiscal year 2011.
Although demand for air travel was severely affected by the Great East Japan Earthquake, it is now recovering gradually and ANA is looking to further expand its flight network with the introduction of the Boeing 787 Dreamliner, first deliveries of which begin in September.

The changes to ANA’s flight schedule will involve the launch of a number of new domestic and international routes and the introduction of larger aircraft and increased frequencies on some city pairs. On a number of domestic routes, frequencies will be decreased to reflect demand. Details of the planned changes can be found below.

*Schedules are subject to approval of the government authorities. Schedules may also be subject to change.

1. International flights
  From January 2012, ANA will fly the Boeing 787 on a new night-time route between Haneda and Frankfurt as part of our joint venture with Lufthansa. ANA will also be improving and expanding its network with a new route between Chubu(Nagoya) and Hong Kong and changes aircraft type on the Narita - Xiamen/Guangzhou routes.

(1) New routes

(2) Suspended routes and decreased frequency

(3) Aircraft type change

(4) New cabin products
ANA’s new “Inspiration of Japan” product on the Boeing 777-300ER, which are currently proving popular with customers on routes to Europe and North America, will be introduced on the following routes as we gradually refurbish our fleet.

2. Domestic flights
  As demand recovers gradually following the Great East Japan Earthquake, ANA will continue working to achieve a good balance between supply and demand by increasing or decreasing flight frequency in accordance with market conditions.

(1) New routes and increased frequency *5

(2) Suspended routes and decreased frequency

3. Cargo Flights
  ANA has decided to increase cargo flights to China and Southeast Asia on the following routes to take advantage of increasing demand and improve aircraft utilization.

Contact: Ryosei Nomura and Megumi Tezuka, ANA Public Relations TEL +81-3-6735-1111
ANA revises flight schedule for the second half of FY2011