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ANA SKY WEB is best viewed with Internet Explorer 6.0 SP2 or higher, or Firefox 3 or higher. (Firefox 3 or higher for Macintosh.)
* To make your visit to our site more enjoyable, ANA SKY WEB upgrades its browser compliance as occasion demands. However, some functions may not work properly with those versions of Internet Explorer or Netscape due to unreported bugs of those browsers.

About Security

For secure transmission of your data, ANA SKY WEB uses cryptographic communication technology called SSL (Secure Sockets Layer).

SSL is a scheme to protect data transmission over the Internet by two-way authentication adopting digital signature and encrypted communication. SSL encrypts the personal data you enter, including your credit card information, before the data is transmitted to a server. Therefore, no third person can read your personal data. When you see a "key" at the bottom of your browser window, the browser is in SSL mode. No special settings are required on your browser for using SSL. However, older versions of browsers may not be capable of displaying the content of this site in SSL mode.

About Javascript

Some contents of ANA SKY WEB are created using Javascript. Your browser is usually Javascript-enabled by default. We recommend a Javascript-enabled browser for viewing all the contents of ANA SKY WEB.

Major functions that will not work without Javascript
  - Pull-down menu for optional function on the left side of the International Top Page
  - International flight reservation
  - Seat availability on international flights

For customers making a domestic flight reservation
You can reserve a seat on a domestic flight without using Javascript. Please enter from the Reservation / Purchase Index screen.

For customers making an international flight reservation
You cannot use the functions for making an international flight reservation or checking the seat availability on international flights on browsers without Javascript support. Please use a Javascript-enabled browser.

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