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Eco-wari Standard to Saipan


Fares Rules and Conditions
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Designated Cities (Saipan)
Earned Mileage ( One Way ) (Saipan)
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Fares (Saipan)

Please choose the period that includes your date of departure from Japan.
Please see the "Eco-wari" Rules and Conditions for details.

(The fare for the date of departure will be applied even if your date of return falls within a different fare period.)

[Roundtrip fare] Unit: Japanese yen
Date of Departure To Saipan
From Osaka
weekday weekend
Departing Japan We Su Departing Japan Fr
12/19 - 12/25 50,000 55,000
12/26 - 12/29 87,000 92,000
12/30 - 12/31 103,000 108,000
1/1 - 1/2 91,000 96,000
1/3 - 2/5 45,000 50,000
2/6 - 3/17 55,000 60,000
3/18 - 3/31 69,000 74,000
 ·  Osaka(Kansai) - Saipan route is operated only on We, Fr, Su from Osaka(Kansai) to Saipan, and on Mon, Th, Sa from Saipan to Osaka(Kansai).
 ·  No additional collection or no refund will be made should the applicable fares change after the ticket is issued. Applicable fares shall be the fares which is in effect as of the date of issue and applicable on the date of commencement of travel. Please click here for details.
 ·  You can apply Japan Domestic Connection Fare for flights departing from cities other than those listed above.

Rules and Conditions

Eco-wari Standard
Reservations/Ticket Purchases 1)You can purchase your ticket anytime before departure. Ticketing must be completed by the time limits below.
For reservations made at least 91 days before departure: ticketing must be completed within 7 days after making reservations.
For reservations made within 90 days and at least 31 days before departure: ticketing must be completed within 5 days after making reservations.
For reservations made within 30 days before departure: ticketing must be completed within 3 days after making reservations.
2)Reservations for all sectors are required and must be confirmed before ticketing.
Travel Pattern Economy class round trip
Duration of Stay 2 days to 21days (local arrival date from Japan included)
Child Discount 25% off adult fares for children aged 2 to 11
90% off adult fares for infants (under 2 years of age) who do not occupy seats
Reservation Changes Not permitted
Transfers Not permitted
Stopovers Not permitted
Refunds "Eco-wari Standard" to Saipan is refundable but subject to a handling fee.
[Prior to departure]
Handling fee: ¥10,000 for adults (¥7,500 for children)
[After departure]
Refund the residual amount, if any, after deducting applicable normal fare for the portion used and handling fee of 50%.
Upgrade Award Not applicable
Please note the following
 ·  Airlines that you can use may be limited depending on your destination.
 ·  "Eco-wari" fares may not be applied for certain destinations due to operating airline's schedule or routings.
 ·  Airport fees, local airport taxes, and other fees are not included in the above fares and will be applied.
 ·  Fares and conditions are subject to change without prior notice.

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