May 28, 2004
Introduction for Single piece Baggage Weight Limit at London Heathrow Airport
From 1st June 2004 all airlines operating from London Heathrow Airport will not accept any single piece of checked baggage weighing more than 32kg (70lbs).

If any single piece of your baggage weighs more than 32kg(70lbs), you will be asked to repack it to achieve an item limit of 32kg before check-in. Re-packing areas will be made available in each terminal and during the introductory period white polypropylene bags will be made available from distribution points within each terminal.

Special baggage* which cannot be broken down to the 32kg weight limit may be accepted as an exception when advance arrangements are made with the airline you are using. For more details, please contact your nearest ANA International Reservation and Information Center.
(1*) musical instruments, electric wheelchairs, pets as baggage, sporting equipment, TV news cameras, diplomatic baggage.

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