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Information on international flight reservation services

Please read this information before your flight.

ANA SKY WEB Assistance

Acceptance of Reservation

You can book a flight up to 355 days in advance through ANA SKY WEB, ANA ticketing counter or ANA International Reservation and Information Center.
Reservation acceptance policy differs by each airline's system. If your itinerary includes other than ANA Group flights, other airlines’ flight reservation may not be accepted on the date you requested.
Please note that reservation of ANA Group flights booked by Travel Agent may conform to the Travel Agent’s handling.

On making your reservation, please observe the followings

(1) Passenger Name
   Passenger name on your ticket should be the same as one in your passport. Please check your name on the passport first. If your passport name shows your middle name or your middle initial, let us know it as well as your family name and given name.

<Notice> After registering your name through reservation system, the name can not be changed.

(Example) Passport Name David Scott Johnson

- Passenger name on ticket JOHNSON/DAVIDSCOTT MR

Passport Name Kelly E. Brown

- Passenger name on ticket BROWN/KELLYE MS

(2) Contact Information
   Please inform your telephone number to our agent at ANA International Reservation and Information Center or to your travel agent. We will try to let you know about any changes to your overseas contact given to us or your travel agents in the event of flight cancellations or delays.
(3) Connections
   Make sure you have enough time for your connecting flight. Please check here for the minimum connecting time of ANA flights. If you require more information for the connecting time, contact ANA International Reservation and Information Center.
(4) Codeshare Flights
   Code share means although the flight number is shown as NH(ANA), the actual procedures and services will be handled by partner airlines(operating carrier). Check-in or inflight services will be provided by operating carrier. If your flight shows NH airline designator code and another airline operates the aircraft, we will let you know if we or another airline will be operating the flight at the time you make a reservation.
Some of the procedures may vary for codeshare flights, as operating carrier’s conditions of carriage or rule apply. For details, please refer to here.
(5) Interline Traffic Agreement
   You may not be able to reserve flight of carriers with which ANA has no Interline Traffic Agreement. If you wish to check if ANA has the agreement with a carrier, please contact ANA International Reservation and Information Center.
(6) Ticketing Time Limit
   Certain fares such as Eco-Wari have rules and conditions which specify ticketing time limit. If you have not paid for the ticket prior to the specified ticketing time limit, as advised by us, we may cancel your reservation. Please check each tariff rules and conditions for ticketing time limit.
(7) Ticketing Place
   It is possible to purchase International tickets through ANA SKY WEB, ANA counter and the following ANA airport counter.
Narita / Haneda / Itami / Kansai / Chitose / Fukuoka / Nagoya / Okinawa
*Effective April 1, 2009, Ticket Service Charge will be applied for tickets issued at ANA city offices and/or airport counters in Japan.
(8) Duplicated Bookings
   Once reservations are considered as Duplicated Bookings, ANA or the travel agent would ask to fix their itinerary and cancel unnecessary segments. Please note that this handling is to allocate seats for as many passengers as possible. Thank you for your kind understanding and cooperation.
(9) Others
   Please see Special guidance in overseas airport.

Seat Reservation

<Advance Seat Rservation>
ANA provides Advance Seat Reservation Service on the conditions stated bellow.
(1) Eligible tickets for Advance Seat Reservation
   - Customers traveling with normal fare, Biz-wari, Eco-wari and some other special fares
- Customers who have ANA Mileage Club award ticket

*Even though the fare type is eligible for advanced seat reservation, customers which have made their reservations through a travel agency may not reserve the seat through the Internet. Please contact your travel agent.
*Customers traveling with excursion fares, group fares, inclusive tour fares, or reduced fares, and customers who book on codeshare flights may not request seat in advance.
(2) Time-limit for Advance Seat Reservation
   2 days prior to your departure. If you use CLICK check-in, you can select your seat through the Internet from 24 hours to 75 minutes before scheduled departure.
(3) Important Notice
   - A number of pre-assignable seats are limited for special reasons. Your seat can only be assigned on departure if your requested seat is not available for pre-assignment.
- Please note that your seat number might change when changing to aircraft type or configuration.
- Seat assignment will be limited to exit row seats or upper deck seats for safety reasons.
<Emergency exit row seat>
In accordance with a directive issued by the Japanese Ministry of Land, Infrastructure, Transport and Tourism, for the safety of all passengers, emergency exit row seats will be limited to passengers that satisfy all the conditions below.
1. Aged 15 years or above
2. Not accompanying children under 12 yaers of age
3. Does not require the assistance of an escort or staff
4. Is capable of assisting in an emergency evacuation, such as opening or closing an aircraft door
5. Can understand evacuation procedures and crew's instructions, and verbally convey such information to other passengers
6. Can communicate in Japanese or English
7. Does not have to assist an accompanying passenger in an emergency evacuation

*Passenger who does not meet all the conditions above may be requested to change a seat.
*Passenger seated in emergency exit row seat must store all the belongings in the overhead compartment.

Passengers seated in emergency exit row seats will be requested to assist during an emergency evacuation under instructions of cabin crew. Click here for details.


(1) What is reconfirmation?
   Reconfirmation is used by some airlines whereby passengers, under certain given circumstances, are required to advise those airlines of their intention to use the space reserved.
(2) Reconfirmation for ANA Group flights
   Reconfirmation is not required for any ANA Group flights. Please give us or your travel agents your overseas contact information to try to let you know about any changes in the event of flight cancellations or delays.
(3) Reconfirm for other airlines flights
   If your itinerary includes other airlines flights, please check with the airlines before your departure whether you need to reconfirm or not.

Changing your itinerary

Certain fares (mostly discounted fares such as excursions, groups or inclusive tours fares) have restrictions on, validity, date changes or voluntary routing changes. If you have any questions or require further information regarding tariff rules, please contact your travel agent or ANA International Reservation and Information Center for details.

For Customers who request extra seats

If you request extra seats to increase your comfort because of your body’s size or for other reasons, you can purchase tickets for extra seats. Please contact to ANA International Reservation and Information Center for details.

*If you request to occupy a seat for your baggage because of its unsuitable size for carry-on baggage allowance, e.g. paintings, musical instruments etc, you can purchase tickets for extra seats. Please click here for detail.

Purchasing international tickets on ANA SKY WEB

For Passengers Who Need Assistance

ANA Group will ensure the best possible service to help your travel be safe and delightful one.

Please contact as follows for further information about;
Notice) The following procedure may vary for code-share flights depending on the carrier. For details, please contact to operating carrier directly.
The Inquiry Customers with Disabilities
ANA International Reservation and Information Center Customers with Walking Disabilities,
Customers with Visual Disabilities
Customers with Hearing Disabilities.
ANA Disability Desk Customers with Medical Requirements,
Customers Requiring a Stretcher,
Rental Service for Oxygen Cylinders.

*ANA Disability Desk is glad to provide all necessary information and help customers with disabilities to ensure your comfort and security from boarding to disembarkation. Please contact ANA Disability Desk for further information.
* "ANA Sky Assist Desk" has been changed its name to "ANA Disability Desk" on January 5, 2010.

Children 0-11 years of age

Infants over 8 days but under 2 years of age (0-1 year of age): Please check here for various information you need to know before your travel.
children over 2 years but under 12 years of age (2-11 years of age)

Pregnant mothers

Please check here for various information you need to know before your travel.

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