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Internet banking

Payment for your flight ticket can be made through online payment. After the reservation confirmation, proceed to the payment procedure screen and make your payment. The bank transfer is free only when you use the internet banking transfer service from this site.

Usage Guide

1. In order to utilize this service, customer must have an online banking account.
2. Reservation and purchase must be made online one day prior to departure or by deadline, if any.
After making reservation online
Purchase procedure
Choose [Internet Banking] and complete making payment through the bank’s homepage.
*If the payment is made other than through the purchase confirmation screen, service fee will be charged.
Click here for authorized Banks.
An "e-Ticket Itinerary Receipt" will be sent to you by mail or e-mail.
You can check in at the airport with the receipt and passport.

For reservation

Internet banking transfer
Receive e-ticket by e-mail 1 day prior to departure
Receive e-ticket by postal mail 5 days prior to departure*
* Application deadline may change, when you make a reservation/purchase other than through Internet.
* Excluding Saturday, Sunday, Holiday, Golden Week and year-end/new-year.
· Service fee will be charged to changes or cancellations after purchase. Depending on the form of payment, deposit fee may also apply.
· Payment 1,000,000 yen or more is available only at Mizuho Bank, Mitsubishi Tokyo UFJ Bank. In addition,the bank transfer from internet for more than 1,000,000 yen cannot be proceeded after 5days prior to departure (Except Saturday,Sunday,Holidays,Golden Week holidays, Year End and New Year holiday (12/31 - 1/3)).
· For information on receipt issuance, click here.

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