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ANA e-Coupon Payment Service

This service allows our customers to use the ANA e-Coupons at the time of online payment. ANA e-Coupons will be issued instead of existing paper coupons to make purchasing flight tickets even easier and more convenient!


Usage Guide

1. ANA e-Coupon usage is restricted to AMC member and member's family within two generations(Prior user registration is required).
2. You can convert 12,000 miles for 18,000 ANA e-Coupon.Please convert your miles to ANA e-Coupon before the procedure of purchase.
3. Credit card may be used to supplement ANA e-Coupon purchases. Acceptable credit cards are shown below.
On the Internet
Select your flight on our website, then select the delivery method and payment method (ANA e-Coupon).
Confirm your reservation and fare amount then enter the ANA e-Coupon amount. If additional funds are required to complete purchase, enter your credit card number and expiration date to complete the reservation and payment procedure.

Secure credit card payment is provided by the SSL (Secure Socket Layer) technology.
An " You can check in at the airport with the receipt and passport.
reserve purchase
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ANA e-Coupon Payment Service
Receive e-ticket by e-mail By 11:59 p.m. 1 day prior to departure
Receive e-ticket by postal mail 5 days prior to departure*
* Application deadline may change, when you make a reservation/purchase other than through Internet.
* Excluding Saturday, Sunday, Holiday, Golden Week and year-end/new-year.
ay, Sunday, Holiday, Golden Week and year-end/new-year.
· If the passenger name and the credit card holder name do not match, we may contact you for confirmation.
· In case of change or cancellation after application, handling fees will be charged. Transferring fees will also be charged, depending on the payment method.
· Refunds for unused Tickets purchased in part with ANA Value Vouchers (e-Coupon) will be issued up to the amount paid by means other than e-Coupons.
· For information on receipt issuance, click here.

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