Hertz Rent a Car

In addition to the ability to earn miles with each rental, ANA Card and ANA Mileage Club members can also enjoy preferred rates. Trust Hertz to help you enjoy your trip.
Hertz offers an extensive lineup of standard vehicles such as compact cars, minivans, and convertibles. Furthermore, customers can also choose from high-end vehicles in the Prestige Collection and fuel-efficient hybrid vehicles in the Green Traveler Collection. Please select the vehicle that is right for you. Vehicles are equipped with navigation systems and emergency roadside assistance is also available to provide peace of mind on unfamiliar roads. Use Hertz Rent a Car to make your trip even more enjoyable.

Mileage Accrual

Mileage Redemption Rate

50 miles per day

  • * Mileage can be accrued even if you do not use ANA flights.
  • * Advance reservations are required.

Mileage Accrual Eligibility

Eligible Charges

Standard rates, coupon rates (United States only), and corporate customer rates

  • * Special plan rates, tour package rates, free bonuses, and some corporate customer rates are not eligible for mileage accrual.
Eligible Locations

Rental offices in the United States, Guam, Canada, Europe, Australia, New Zealand, etc., which are corporate locations of Hertz Rent a Car, as well as those which are partnering with ANA Mileage Club.

  • * Mileage accrual is not available in some countries and regions. Please check when making the reservation.

How to Accrue Miles

When Making Reservations

Please provide your 10-digit ANA Mileage Club membership number and the applicable corporate Discount Program (CDP) Number when stating that you wish to accrue mileage.

  • * Providing the corporate Discount Program (CDP) Number grants access to discount rates.
  • corporate Discount Program (CDP) Number for ANA Card Members: 298854
  • corporate Discount Program (CDP) Number for ANA Mileage Club Members: 1119327
On the Actual Day

Please present the following documents upon arriving at the relevant Hertz Rent a Car rental office outside Japan.

  • ANA Card or ANA Mileage Club Card, Japanese driver's license and international driver's license, credit card of the person renting the vehicle
Hertz Rent a Car Services for ANA Mileage Club Members

Special discount rates for ANA Mileage Club members will apply.

Please provide the applicable corporate Discount Program (CDP) Number when making advance reservations.

  • corporate Discount Program (CDP) Number for ANA Card Members: 298854
  • corporate Discount Program (CDP) Number for ANA Mileage Club Members: 1119327
  • * If there is a rate that is lower than the rate for ANA Mileage Club members, the lowest rate will be automatically applied.
    (It is recommended to make reservations at least 24 hours prior to the intended rental.)

Mileage Accrual Date

Approximately 1-2 months will be required for the miles to be credited to the mileage balance.


  • If presenting an ANA Mileage Club Card, another credit card will also be required.
  • Please make sure to provide your ANA Mileage Club membership number when making the reservation. Mileage will not be accrued if this is not provided.
  • For retroactive registration, please have your receipt and apply within 6 months from the date of use.

Contact Information for Reservations and Inquiries