Conditions for Attaining Premium Status for Members Who Often Use Life Solution Services

Members who fulfill all 3 of the following conditions during the applicable period will attain Premium Member Service status for 1 year from April of the following fiscal year: (1) The number of Premium Points earned through flights, (2) The number of Life Solution Services used, and (3) The amount for ANA Card and ANA Pay payments.

  • Life Solution Services is a general term for the various services that people use in their daily lives and excludes those used on flights. One example of a Life Solution Service is shopping services.
  • Premium Member Advance Service is not applicable when attaining status using Life Solution Service.

The 3 Conditions and Applicable Periods

  Details Applicable Period
Condition 1 Premium Points earned in the year (only those earned through ANA Group-operated flights) January 1 - December 31, 2022
Condition 2 Number of Life Solution Services used December 16, 2021 - December 15, 2022
Condition 3 Total amount for ANA Card and ANA Pay payments December 16, 2021 - December 15, 2022

Eligible Members

ANA Mileage Club members who have an ANA Card that was issued in Japan

Conditions and Benefits by Premium Status

  Premium Points earned in the year (only those earned through ANA Group-operated flights) Number of Life Solution Services Used Total Amount for ANA Card and ANA Pay Payments
Diamond Service + More Benefits 150,000 7 services or more JPY 6,000,000
Diamond Service Member 80,000 7 services or more JPY 4,000,000
Diamond Service Member 50,000 7 services or more JPY 5,000,000
Platinum Service Member 30,000 7 services or more JPY 4,000,000
Bronze Service Member 15,000 4 services or more JPY 3,000,000

Services Counted toward Fulfillment of Condition 2

Life Solution Services consist of the 12 services shown below

  • * Each service detailed information is available on the Japan website.

ANA Hometown Tax Program (Furusato Nōzei)

This is the ANA Hometown Tax Program where you can earn miles by contributing to local governments.

ANA Insurance Services

This is a special insurance service available only to ANA Mileage Club members.

ANA Residential Services

ANA Residential Services is a website which offers information on real estate and home-related services that are eligible for ANA mileage accrual.

ANA STORE @SKY/International In-Flight Sales

On Japan domestic flights, you can purchase ANA original products when accessing ANA STORE@SKY using the ANA Wi-Fi Service.
On international flights, we offer a wide variety of products at affordable prices that only duty-free can offer.

Airport Shops (Airport Shops / Airport Duty-Free Shops)

At ANA FESTA, in addition to gift shops offering items such as local souvenirs, air travel products, and luggage, we also have restaurants and cafes where you can get something to eat or drink.
At DUTY FREE SHOP, you can purchase duty-free products of famous brands including alcoholic beverages, cigarettes and cosmetics at Narita, Haneda, Kansai and Naha airports.

ANA Shopping A-Style

At ANA Shopping A-style, you can not only earn miles, but also use your accumulated miles to purchase products of your choice.

ANA Mileage Mall

Earn miles with online shopping and services via ANA Mileage Mall.

ANA Traveler's

We offer a wide range of unique ANA travel products from high quality travel to affordable tours with which you can earn miles.

Other Mileage Partners

Earn miles not only through flights but a variety of everyday activities as well.

ANA Card Miles Plus

ANA Card Miles Plus enables customers to earn both credit card points and miles (1 mile for every JPY 100 or JPY 200 spent, including tax) on ANA Card purchases at ANA Card Miles Plus merchants.

ANA Mileage Club Mobile Plus

This is a member service for a fee that allows members to earn three times the standard number of miles when using Rakuten Edy e-money. They can also redeem ANA SKY COINS for a special rate in addition to several other benefits.


Change your electricity provider to ANA ELECTRIC POWER, ANA's new electricity service to earn miles every month you continue the electricity contract.

Frequently Asked Questions

Q : Are these conditions for attaining also eligible for members residing outside Japan?

A : ANA Mileage Club members who have an ANA Card that was issued in Japan are eligible.
In addition, some eligible life solution services cannot be used from overseas, so members residing in Japan are eligible mainly.