Boeing 787 10th AnniversaryBoeing 787 10th Anniversary


Joined Boeing for the Development of the 787
-Fourteen years since then-

ANA was involved from the development stages of the Boeing 787 (hereinafter 787), which was later debuted to the world by ANA for the first time. Captain Masami Tsukamoto, who currently serves as the captain of the 787, was a member of the Flight Operation Center Training Office in 2007, while holding a captaincy certificate for the Boeing 747-400. At that time, Captain Tsukamoto received a request to become an “overseas development staff.” That was the moment he was assigned to Boeing for the development of the 787.

"I even had an initiation ceremony when I joined Boeing."

Captain Tsukamoto reminisced on those days with a smile.
He was transferred to the Boeing Company in Seattle, USA, where he participated in development meetings as a Boeing employee. He was actively involved in the development process and freely expressed his opinions.

He had always enjoyed studying English and wanted to work in a global capacity. He was familiar with the English manuals and had no trouble communicating with Boeing test pilots and engineers.
Based on his own experience as captain, he was able to come up with many helpful ideas, including technical aspects of actual flight operations and flight data, as well as the position of the switch to move the cockpit seat and the shape of the oxygen mask used during rapid decompression.

However, the 787 aircraft was no easy feat. This world's first passenger aircraft, packed with new technology, had to be tested over and over again, which significantly delayed the development schedule.
It was not possible to begin training until the completion of the aircraft. The anxiety of when that day would finally come to fly the 787 as a pilot, and a sense of responsibility as a member of the development team to ensure the launch of the 787, which airlines and pilots around the world had been waiting for, weighed heavily on him every day.

"Boeing really is amazing."

Captain Tsukamoto shares his memories from when the aircraft was completed.

With an aircraft that was packed with new technology, he wondered if it was going to be possible. However, he was impressed by Boeing's ability to complete the project despite the difficulties. "I was impressed. I'm especially attached to this aircraft because I was involved in its development process."

Boeing, as the manufacturer, and the pilots who actually fly the aircraft have different points of view, and seeing the completed 787 after much discussion gave him a great sense of accomplishment.

Captain Tsukamoto, who was involved in the development of the 787 from its inception, flew the 787 for 10 years from its world premiere in 2011 and served as the captain of the 10th-anniversary flight on October 31, 2021, had one last thing to say.
"During the first 10 years of service, there were times when we caused inconvenience to our customers. I feel that I have grown up with the 787 not only as a development staff member but also after its launch. But now, 10 years later, when I see the 787 flying around the world, I deeply think it's the aircraft that never betrayed me in ten years of flying."

Masami Tsukamoto
Captain, 787, ANA

Joined ANA in 1986. In 2007, moved to Boeing in the U.S. and was deeply involved in the development of the Boeing 787 and pilot training as a Boeing employee. The first airline pilot to fly the 787 in the world, and the first pilot to be certified by the Civil Aviation Authority as a 787 Limited Modification Pilot. Currently, Senior Vice President of ANA Safety Promotion Center.

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