Corporate Governance

The ANA Group is strengthening and enhancing corporate governance to achieve sustainable growth and increase corporate value.

Basic Approach

The ANA Group implements management that contributes to value creation for various stakeholders in accordance with the ANA Group Mission Statement. In addition, the Group has adopted a holding company structure whereby each group company carries out swift decision-making and the Company supervises and monitors the implementation of group company operations to realize sustainable growth of group companies and the enhancement of medium- to long-term corporate value.

The Company has created a corporate governance system in accordance with this Fundamental Policy and continues to improve upon it. Under this system, the Company plays a leadership role in the Group management and establishes management policies and goals for the Group overall. In addition, the Company supervises and monitors management of group companies, and conducting transparent, fair, and definitive decisions.

"Mission Statement"
Built on a foundation of security and trust, "the wings within ourselves" help to fulfill the hopes and dreams of an interconnected world.

"Safety and Trust" is the Group's unwavering promise to our customers. It defines the core of our entire operation and is our solemn responsibility. "The wings within ourselves" are our desire to continually rise to new challenges, contribute to the strong rebirth of our organization and always be there for our customers. The Group, with the air transportation as business pledges to transcend generations in support of developing our global community and fulfilling the hopes and dreams of current and future generations.

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Adoption of Anti-Takeover Measures

Our company has not introduced anti-takeover measures and does not plan to do so in the future.