ANA Group New Management Vision "Uniting the World in Wonder"

Management Vision

Uniting the World in Wonder

ANA inspires our employees, customers, and society
to explore endless possibilities with diverse connections
that begin in the sky.

‘Waku waku’ is what moves people to push what’s possible. It’s Japanese for the joy and excitement of discovering the unknown. And when passed from person to person, becomes a force that creates a brighter world, united in wonder.

The sky is full of possibilities, which has allowed us to
bring together people, products and experiences for decades.
Now, we’re expanding our horizons and spreading ‘waku waku’ across the world.

So, we wonder, can we make travel more enjoyable? Can we renew the way we transport products? Can we bring excitement to life, while being kind to the earth? Together with an elevated experience in the sky, we can explore more incredible discoveries that will lead to a better tomorrow.

Here is where our new adventure begins. When people connect across borders and unite beyond countries,
the world offers endless opportunities.
Together, let our hearts wonder and fill the world with ‘waku waku’.

Toward an exciting future

  • Be positive in everything.
  • Continuously pursue change and exciting challenges.
  • Create a workplace where you want to keep working.
  • Express your thoughts in your own words.
  • Making Working a Life Asset
  • Expand the circle of change.
  • Make change every day.
  • A company filled with small changes.
  • Change LOOP.
  • Do a job that makes you happy to be working for ANA.
  • To the ANA Group where DEI has permeated!
  • Create the future of the ANA Group.
  • You only live once.
  • Change Training Department that makes your heart dance.
  • A workplace to be proud of.
  • Connect for a brighter future!
  • Embrace change with Wonder
  • Always strive for a fun and bright workplace.
  • Approach positively and enjoyably.
  • Leading the change in the ANA Group.
  • Wonder from regulations.
  • Connecting and Linking
  • Connecting deep with Airport Team ANA.
  • United as one.
  • When in doubt, go for the fun one.
  • Starting with small changes.
  • Create a new future with all members.
  • Continuously seek hints for change.
  • Personal and organizational mindset change.
  • Always change.
  • Take a step forward in the changing journey and have fun connecting.
  • Act immediately when you come up with an idea.
  • Give your all to make things easier.
  • First, give it a try.
  • To Be a Change Professional.
  • Connect with colleagues, connect colleagues.
  • A company where you can talk about your ideal future.
  • Be kind to your colleagues.
  • The No.1 workplace where you want to work.
  • Diverse unity.
  • First, take action.
  • Be a minority and enjoy it.
  • From small changes to transformation.
  • Make tomorrow better.
  • Make change the norm.
  • Create an environment where change is possible.
  • Create smiles and future through change.
  • Step by step forward.
  • Positive thinking.
  • Taking the first step, moving forward.
  • Stand outside and don’t be confined inside.
  • Fully support change and challenge.
  • A workplace where Wonder continues.
  • Connect, expand, and love.
  • Small efforts are important to continue.
  • Co-creation with serious playfulness.
  • Aim to be the top gun in the mobility industry.
  • Beyond the forefront of change.
  • Promote innovation.
  • Aim for a sustainable industry.
  • Create a fun workplace.
  • A company where you can be the leading role.
  • When in doubt, take action.
  • Don’t be afraid of change, expand your mindset.
  • Create more comfortable working environment.
  • Thorough zero-based approach.
  • Change with strong determination.
  • Step by step forward towards the “goal” set together.
  • Each individual becomes the leading role of change.
  • One Team, Towards a workplace full of challenges.
  • A fascinating maintenance department.
  • Don’t settle for something small.
  • Always challenge something new.
  • Let’s try it first.
  • Protect the smiles of your colleagues.
  • Always stay positive.
  • Don’t forget to entertain.
  • Let’s try it first and shape it into something interesting.
  • Permeation of change and Wonder.
  • Don’t stop change and Wonder.
  • Create a company where you can honestly say it’s fun.
  • Be confident and agile.
  • Change is fun for everyone at ATM.
  • Pioneering a way of working to create the future.
  • Deliver the feeling of change.
  • Towards the world’s top maintenance company.
  • Change with colleagues.
  • An airport connected by Wonder.
  • Accelerate change.
  • Let’s do it, Wonder.
  • Make the most of connections.
  • To stay the same, you have to change. It’s natural for a company like that!
  • Let’s do change, Connecting and Linking.
  • Enjoy changing with colleagues.
  • Change unfolding.
  • Start small and steadily.
  • Start with “Let’s try” and take the first step of change.
  • Stand on your own in logistics through change.
  • ANA Group can enjoy change.
  • Colleagues are the leading roles,  enjoy change.
  • To the next 10 years at ABB, Go Panda.
  • Spread everyone’s wings of the heart.
  • Step by step, steadily forward.
  • Let’s doubt the obvious.
  • Always embrace the continuous change and do not fear it.
  • All members will actively play the role of global guides within the company!