ANA Group New Management Vision "Uniting the World in Wonder"

Management Vision

Uniting the World in Wonder

ANA inspires our employees, customers, and society
to explore endless possibilities with diverse connections
that begin in the sky.

‘Waku waku’ is what moves people to push what’s possible. It’s Japanese for the joy and excitement of discovering the unknown. And when passed from person to person, becomes a force that creates a brighter world, united in wonder.

The sky is full of possibilities, which has allowed us to
bring together people, products and experiences for decades.
Now, we’re expanding our horizons and spreading ‘waku waku’ across the world.

So, we wonder, can we make travel more enjoyable? Can we renew the way we transport products? Can we bring excitement to life, while being kind to the earth? Together with an elevated experience in the sky, we can explore more incredible discoveries that will lead to a better tomorrow.

Here is where our new adventure begins. When people connect across borders and unite beyond countries,
the world offers endless opportunities.
Together, let our hearts wonder and fill the world with ‘waku waku’.