About the Warning from Ministry of Land, Infrastructure, Transport and Tourism

On October 11, ANA received a warning from the Ministry of Land, Infrastructure Transport and Tourism (MLIT), for a passenger not completing the check-in procedures boarded the aircraft.
Today, ANA submitted a report to the MLIT. The principal report details are shown below.

We are committed to the thorough implementation of the measures required to prevent such cases from recurring, and will work to strengthen safety management and control procedures to implement safe, on-time operations. We sincerely apologize for the concerns and inconvenience caused on this occasion.

The principal report details
In addition to the various emergency measures put in place (including the placement of ANA staff at security checkpoints, a review of the manual for handling error sings at boarding gates, and the issuance of notifications to all airports calling for greater awareness of these issues), ANA will also implement the following new measures.

  • 1. Procedures at security checkpoints will be reviewed in order to confirm each passenger's boarding procedure status and thoroughly implement the security check.
    • (1) Changing the layout of the security checkpoints (already implemented)
    • (2) Installation of a cover on the security checkpoint machines (already implemented)
    • (3) Issuance of a “security certificate” for passengers, and confirmation of this pass by security checkpoint staff (from December 1st).
  • 2. Procedures at boarding gates will be reviewed in order to thoroughly implement confirmation of passenger movements through the boarding gate.
    • (1) Strengthen the system of boarding gates when passing the boarding gate (already implemented)
    • (2) Issuance of a “boarding Information” pass as when passing the boarding gate. The pass will be handed to each passenger by ANA staff (from December 1st).
  • 3. Other countermeasures put in place
    • (1) Ensuring the aircraft to depart after confirming all passengers are seated (implemented from November 1st).
    • (2) Direct dialogue between board members and group employees on safety issues (to be implemented before the end of November).

Please note that changes of passenger boarding procedures are to be announced on ANA website.

October 25, 2016