Step 1.
下記「 ANAマイレージモールへ」ボタンよりANAマイレージモールページへ移動
Step 2.
ANAマイレージモールページ内上部「 ANAマイレージモールを経由してパートナーショップ・サイトへ移動」よりエクスペディアへ移動
Step 3.
Step 4.
Step 5.


Thank you very much for your patronage of ANA and ANA Mileage Club.

From March 24, 2016, ANA Mileage Club members must login via the ANA Mileage Mall to earn extra miles when using Expedia.


Step 1:
Go to the Expedia page in the ANA Mileage Mall by clicking on the "Go to the ANA Mileage Mall" button below.
Step 2:
The Mileage Mall page is in Japanese, so just click on the large orange button located in the top-center of the page to access the Expedia website.
Step 3:
Before accessing the Expedia website, you will need to login using the ANA Mileage Club membership function.
*Enter your 10-digit ANA Mileage Club membership number and your web password.
*Please note that if you are already logged in you will be automatically forwarded to the Expedia website.
Step 4:
After accessing the Expedia website, you may select your preferred language. Proceed to make your hotel reservations on Expedia.
*Please note that the ANA logo is not displayed on Expedia.
*You will not be required to enter your 10-digit ANA Mileage Club membership number on Expedia.
Step 5:
Miles will be accrued two to three months after the date of your stay.

*When setting favorites or bookmarks to earn miles on future bookings, please be sure to register this page, as members must login each time before accessing Expedia to earn miles.