Tastes of JAPAN

Press event, 'Tastes of JAPAN' in Shimane

On Thursday, August 25, we held a press conference for Tastes of Japan by ANA SHIMANE at the Shimane Prefectural Convention Center (Kunibiki Messe) in Matsue city. With many guests in attendance, including Zenbei Mizoguchi, the governor of Shimane Prefecture, we introduced some of the beautiful food, drinks, sweets, and culture that the prefecture has to offer.

Food served at ANA SUITE LOUNGE DINING h (Early Fall Blessing: Grilled and soaked Nodoguro seasoned with seaweed salt from Hamada city, Shimane; Tilefish caught off Shimane Prefecture with sauteed Abalone, served with Crown Daisy puree sauce with a hint of olive)

The press conference

Twelve brands of kokushu (sake and shochu, Japan's national drinks) from Shimane Prefecture served in the ANA Lounge at Haneda Airport Domestic Terminal

Photo Session