Tastes of JAPAN

Press event, 'Tastes of JAPAN' in Yamanashi

On Tuesday, May 17th, a press event for Tastes of Japan by ANA Yamanashi was held at Hotel Danrokan in Kofu City, Yamanashi Prefecture, Japan. Despite the rainy weather, the event was attended by over thirty guests, who were given an introduction to the food, drink, sweets and culture that can be found in the prefecture.

Kokushu sake from Yamanashi Prefecture, served at the Haneda Airport Domestic Terminal ANA Lounge

Press event

Guests on the day of the event were treated to kurodama, a sweet from Yamanashi Prefecture. This is also served at the Haneda Airport Domestic Terminal ANA Lounge.

We were joined by two guests who helped us to promote the beauty of Yamanashi Prefecture:
- Takeda Hishimaru, Captain of the Tourist Caravan in Yamanashi, home of Mt. Fuji (source: Official Travel Guide Yamanashi)
- Ms. Nakagome, winner of the 13th Koihime Beauty Contest (part of the Shingen-ko Festival in Kofu City, Yamanashi)