ANA Million Miler Program

Million Miler Program

The Million Miler Program was created to reward ANA Mileage Club members who have exceeded and reached Lifetime Miles of 1/2 million. (total flight distance). With heartfelt appreciation we will provide lifetime special benefits and hospitality.

To check your Lifetime Mile balance, please go to the Mileage Balance Inquiry screen

Your Lifetime Benefits

Million Miler customers who accumulate 1,000,000 Lifetime Miles or more on ANA group operated flights are rewarded with lifetime benefits.

Benefit One: Lifetime extension: no expiration

ANA Lifetime Miles: with 1 million Lifetime Miles or more.

  • The expiration date for unused mileage in your ANA mileage account will be extended indefinitely (mileage will not expire). Make the most of the extended mileage life.

Benefit Two: Super Flyers Card eligibility

ANA Lifetime Miles: with 1 million Lifetime Miles or more

  • Take advantage and apply for the Super Flyers Card at any time. Super Flyers Card is normally offered to our Diamond service and Platinum service members. You can benefit as an ANA Premium Member for as long as this card is activated.
  • Please call ANA Mileage Club Service Center for an application form.
  • ANA Super Flyers Card is a paid annual membership card with a credit card function. Applicants must fulfill all criteria for membership. Card issuance will be subject to screening as required by the credit card provider.
    See details of ANA Super Flyers Card

Benefit Three: Permanent ANA SUITE LOUNGE access

ANA Lifetime Miles: with 2 million Lifetime Miles or more.

Relax before your flight at any ANA SUITE LOUNGE (including ANA LOUNGE) when traveling on ANA Group operated flights. The ANA LOUNGE Access Card will be sent to you granting access to ANA lounges. Please present your ANA LOUNGE Access Card when entering the lounge. See Details about Lounge Access.

lounge access card
  • The Lounge Access Card cannot be used at the card reader at Japan domestic lounge reception.
  • Lounge access is available on Japan domestic routes. Codeshare flights with ANA flight numbers operated by other airlines are also eligible.
  • Excludes flights operated by Star Alliance member airlines.
  • Your flight must be confirmed before you can access the lounge.

Benefit Four: ANA original name tags

ANA values the time that our Million Miler customers have spent traveling with us. As a small token of our appreciation, we’re sending you an original name tag crafted by using one of the highest form of Japanese design and technique "Kaga-Maki-E" (lacquer art). The tags feature an image of Leonardo da Vinci's helicopter prototype, drawing upon ANA's roots as a helicopter transport company.

ANA Lifetime Miles

Lifetime Miles is the total flight distance (the total amount of flight basic sector mileage credited) of an ANA Mileage Club member. By flying on an ANA Group operated flight, customers can accumulate "ANA Lifetime Miles" and by flying on a Partner Airline flight, customers can accumulate "Lifetime Miles." The combination of both categories will be the total amount of Lifetime Miles earned.

Lifetime Miles can also be accrued when using ANA Domestic Flight Awards and ANA International Flight Awards. Retroactive mileage registration is required within 6 months after the flight's departure date.

half million miles plaque

The ebony black color complements the beautiful maki-e lacquer in crisp golden lines of the name tag.

one million lifetime miler plaque

The base is covered in Kanazawa gold leaf that is one ten-thousandth of a millimeter thin on this name tag.

2 million lifetime miler plaque

This name tag features a deep blue lapis lazuli surface.

3 million miles lifetime miler plaque

This tag has a vivid ruby hue complimented with gold dust.

4 million lifetime miler plaque

This jewel of a tag comes in vibrant green emerald finished with platinum and is decorated with taka-maki-e lacquer work.

Lifetime Miles (ANA + Partner Airlines)
ANA plus partner airline lifetime miler plaque

The subtle shimmer of a magnificent white South Sea shell. White mother-of-pearl creates a stunning backdrop for delicate silver maki-e lacquer. A pinnacle of elegance and refinement.

  • Your original name tag will be sent to the address registered with ANA Mileage Club in about two months.
  • Please click ANA Website Member's page to confirm your registered address.
  • Neither flight miles earned from other airlines' mileage programs nor other airlines' award tickets can be counted towards ANA Lifetime Miles.
  • These points cannot be exchanged into award.
  • If the required number of miles is met for both ANA Lifetime Miles (ANA Group operated flights only) and Partner Airline Lifetime Miles (ANA + partner airlines) in the same month, two different types original name tags will be sent (separately).
  • Please note that name tags and other accessories are ineligible for compensation in the event of loss or damage while attached to your checked baggage.

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