Exclusive for ANA Mileage Club Members!
Business Class Pre-order Meal Service

  • Pre-order meal service available on more flights to China and Asia from August 2017!
    ANA Mileage Club members flying in Business Class can choose their in-flight meals in advance using our pre-order service.
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  • Image of Business class Internatinal meal

ANA Mileage Club Members flying on Business Class can order in-flight meals in advance.

  • Applicable routes:
    North America, Canada, Mexico, Europe, Oceania, Asia, China, Hong Kong, and Taiwan routes
    * Except for certain flights
  • Eligible passengers: ANA Mileage Club members travelling in Business Class
    *Please note that passengers travelling on excursion, group or inclusive tour discount fares are ineligible for the service.
  • Meal details:
    Passengers can choose between Japanese or Western-style cuisine for the first meal service.
    On routes with multiple main course options, a meat dish will be served for passengers selecting the Western-style meal.
    * Depending on the departure date, Chinese cuisine may be provided when ordering Japanese cuisine on flights departing from Shenyang.
  • How to reserve: You can apply at the same time when making the flight reservation on the ANA website.
    * Please note enquiry or reservation by phone is not available.
    * This service will not be available if the limit for the number of requests that can be taken has been reached. In such cases, we kindly request you to choose your meal when on board.
  • Request Deadline: Up to 24 hours prior to the departure

If you already have a reservation, please apply here.

Applicable flights

Departure Point Flight Number
Los Angeles NH5,NH6,NH175,NH176
San Francisco NH7,NH8
San Jose NH171,NH172
Seattle NH177,NH178
Washington,D.C.(Dulles) NH1,NH2
New York(J.F.Kennedy) NH9,NH10,NH109,NH110
Houston NH173,NH174
Chicago NH11,NH12,NH111,NH112
Vancouver NH115,NH116
Honolulu NH/NQ181,NH/NQ182,NH183,NH184,NH185,NH186
Mexico City NH180


Departure Point Flight Number
London NH211,NH212
Paris NH215,NH216
Frankfurt NH204,NH223,NH224
Munich NH217,NH218
Dusseldorf NH209,NH210
Brussels NH231,NH232


Departure Point Flight Number
Sydney NH879,NH880
Bangkok NH805,NH806,NH807,NH847,NH848
Delhi NH827
Mumbai NH829,NH830
Kuala Lumpur NH815,NH816,NH886
Singapore NH801,NH802,NH803,NH841,NH842
Jakarta NH835,NH836,NH855,NH872
Hanoi NH857,NH858
Ho Chi Minh City NH831,NH833,NH834
Phnom Penh NH817
Yangon NH813
Manila NH819,NH820,NH869,NH870


Departure Point Flight Number
Beijing NH955,NH956,NH961,NH962,NH963,NH964,NH979,NH980
Shanghai NH919,NH920,NH921,NH922,NH939,NH940,NH959,NH960,NH967,NH968,NH969,NH970,NH971,NH972
Dalian NH903,NH904,NH945,NH946
Qingdao NH927,NH928,NH977,NH978
Guangzhou NH923,NH924,NH933,NH934
Shenyang NH925,NH926
Hangzhou NH929,NH930,NH951,NH952
Chengdu NH947,NH948
Wuhan NH937,NH954
Xiamen NH935,NH936
Hong Kong NH809,NH810,NH811,NH812,NH821,NH822,NH859,NH860,NH873,NH874,NH875,NH876
Taipei NH823,NH824,NH851,NH852,NH853,NH854


Menu(Main Dish)

Flights departing from Japan

December - February Japanese Cuisine International Cuisine
Routes to the US (excluding midnight flights), Canada, and Mexico Grilled channel rockfish with soy-based miso sauce,
Salt-grilled chicken thigh
Beef tournedos steak,
baked onion, purple sweet potatoes and white miso glazed gai lan
Honolulu Routes Simmered yellowtail in soy-based sauce Roasted lemon grass marinated Hokkaido chicken with grilled rapeseed oil sauce
Routes to Europe and India (excluding midnight flights) Grilled channel rockfish with soy-based miso sauce,
Salt-grilled chicken thigh
Braised short-ribs, roasted cauliflower, raisin, mini baked potatoes, BBQ sauce
Oceania Routes Simmered yellowtail in soy-based sauce Sautéed chicken green pepper and mustard flavor
Bangkok, Kuala Lumpur, Singapore, and Jakarta routes (excluding midnight flights) Grilled cod with butter-flavored soymilk sauce Rolled wagyu beef with shiitake mushroom and shallot soy-based sauce
Hanoi, Ho Chi Minh City, Phnom Penh, and Yangon routes (excluding midnight flights) Simmered yellowtail in soy-based sauce Sautéed chicken green pepper and mustard flavor
Departures from Narita/Haneda to China, Hong Kong, Taiwan, and Manila December Simmered beef and burdock root in soy-based ginger sauce
January Sake-steamed alfonsino
February Simmered Spanish mackerel in soy-based daikon radish sauce
December Sautéed Greenland halibut with Asian style spicy sauce
January Sautéed Hokkaido pork Arima sansho pepper and smoked olive flavor
February Sautéed chicken green pepper and mustard flavor
Departures from Kansai to China December Simmered red rockfish in soy-based sauce
January Poached sea bream
February White miso-flavored gratin with seafood
December Sautéed Yamato pork loin with cider sauce
January Sautéed herb crumble chicken with diable sauce
February Kumano beef hamburger steak with red wine sauce
Departures from Nagoya (Chubu) to China December Grilled yellowtail teriyaki
January Simmered Nagoya Cochin chicken ball in soy-based sauce and vegetables
February Steamed Ise red sea bream with grated daikon radish
December Coq au vin
January Grilled Spanish mackerel and potato gratin with olive sauce
February Nagoya Cochin chicken kiev with balsamic sauce

We also provide a variety of other dishes on board for your enjoyment. Please see our Dining/Drink page for further details.

Flight arriving to Japan

The menu differs according to departure airport
Please confirm the menu for the flight you will board on the Dining / Drink page.

  • * Menu is subject to change without prior notice.
  • * If there is change of the flight(including change of routing, etc.), guests may be required to apply a new pre-order via ANA Website. Please note guests who change to flights other than those listed above, or change the booking class of the flight, are not eligible for this meal pre-order service.
  • * [When the member's family is using Award tickets and wants to request this service]
    Please register that family member's ANA Mileage Club number during the Award User registration process, then place the pre-order via the ANA website. If the pre-order has already been placed, please contact ANA by phone and provide the relevant ANA Mileage Club number.
  • * Images show sample items.

If you already have a reservation, please apply here.

Customers who are not ANA Mileage Club members, after enrolling, please take advantage of this new feature!